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The Year 2050 Essay, Research Paper

The Year 2050

The year is 2050 and my name is LAME. I currently attend Clinton High

School on the outskirts of San Jose. Since the year 1993, no action has

been taken to resolve the environmental problems within the US, but third

world nations are prospering because they started to preserve their rain-

forests. Many US citizens are packing up and heading to Zaire, where large

amounts of coal and oil reserves have been found. Although people feel that

they will be able to “Strike it rich” in Zaire, they do not know what is to

come in the following years. Just like the United States, Zaire will become

a nation with a failing economy and no natural resources.

The biggest problem in the States is pollution. Air pollution is at an

all time high due to our stupidity. We could have stopped the production of

cars and switched to HydroShoes, which run only off of water, like France

and Germany did, but politicians felt it would be too drastic a change.

Furthermore, President Bill Clinton decided to send all of our garbage into

space in 1996 instead of recycling when he introduced Project No-Garbage.

At first this was a good idea, but slowly, we noticed our atmosphere was

full of milk cartons and banana peels! To clean up this mess, the public

elected President Mick Jagger to deal with the environmental issues.

President Jagger became the leader of the country when he promised the

public that he would clean up the environment and help the economy. His

first action as president was to take care of the massive droughts in the

Central United States. President Jagger had his scientists invent a new way

of seeding clouds to force rain. So, this new process of seeding the clouds

began. Before we knew it, we had a massive hole in the ozone layer right

above the United States. This hole was the result of the large amounts of

Methane produced in the new cloud seeding method. The outcome of this

problem was a rapid increase in the number of people with skin cancer. It

seemed that the UV rays let into the atmosphere were causing a rare skin

cancer known as Canceroskinosis or Skin Cancer. At the time, there was no

cure for this disease, thus the coffin selling business was at an all-time

high. Almost everyone who did not have the deadly cancer began cutting down

the remaining trees in the country and making coffins out of them. By the

year 2020, most of the US was barren with very little or no vegetation atall.

In 2020, President Jimmy Carter returned to office at age 100. He

eventually became the first three-term president. During his reign as “Head

Honcho”, his team of scientists were able to produce a cure for the skin

cancer which was killing people as if it was the Bubonic Plague. Although

skin cancer was being cured, the pollution and the ozone depletion weren’t.

Now we leap to the current year, 2050, where President J.J. Brown has

taken office and has become the first black president. Although some

improvement has been made, there is no chance that the US will ever become

as strong as it once was. Moreover, it seems the Communist party is

planning to overthrow the government and take control. I probably will not

be around to see this happen since the life expectancy of humans has

dropped so drastically that I’m nearing the end of my life. So much the

better since all I have to live for is my pet muskrat, Stinky. Yes, you

guessed it, muskrats are the only living species besides humans left on the

planet Earth. Now, the most I can hope for is the day I find a bride, but

no kids for me, I don’t want my children to have to live through the

nightmare I have been living for the past 17 years.

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