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Frederick Douglass Essay, Research Paper

Who was Frederick Douglass and what was his view on the anti-slavery movement?

That’s a very good question since most people have no idea. Frederick Douglass was born

a slave in Tuckahoe, Maryland. As a young man, he fled to Massachusetts, a free state,

where he began to work for the abolition of slavery. Frederick helped put the anti-slavery

movement on the map, he also helped urge blacks to escape slavery as well. In the

paragraphs that follow three important subjects will be addressed. The first being what

were Frederick Douglass’ views on the different parties of the anti-slavery movement?

The second subject being what was Frederick Douglass’ view on where the anti-slavery

movement was going? The final subject addressed will be Frederick Douglass’ view on


Frederick Douglass commented on four different anti-slavery parties. The first

party was the Garrisonian Anti-Slavery Society. This society was the oldest society still

active during his time. It had two weekly papers, had five or six lecturers, and held

numerous public meetings. Douglass thought the parties doctrine “no union with

slaveholders” dissolved the union, and left slaves and their masters to fight their own

battles. The next party Douglass commented on was The American and Foreign

Anti-Slavery society. This society was based mainly on the revival of anti-slavery in the

Church. The society was aimed to avail itself to the union in order to abolish slavery. The

annual report of the society helped shed light on the truth about the anti-slavery

movement. Douglass felt that the party had not stressed the idea enough to abolish slavery

totally, therefore he didn’t support this society. The next recognized party discussed was

the Free Soil party. This party was aimed at limiting and denationalizing slavery, and to

relieve the Federal Government from all responsibility for slavery. Douglass’ objection to

this party was the same as the objection to the American Anti-Slavery Society. That

objection being that the idea of total abolition of slavery was not stressed enough in

Frederick’s view. The final party that was addressed was the “Liberty Party,” a small

group of citizens in New York, that had supporters all over the north. The party called for

the total abolition of slavery everywhere, and denied that slavery should be allowed or

legalized anywhere. Douglass saw this party as the only real abolition party.

In many points in history, people thought the anti-slavery movement was going to

die out, but Douglass always had hope. Douglass thought even though organizations may

disappear, the abolition of slavery cause will always burn like a fire. Douglass now

believed because of the anti-slavery movement, slavery was no longer a thing to be

prevented, but stopped! Douglass stated “There is no denying, for it is everywhere

admitted, that the anti-slavery question is the great moral and social question before the

American people.” Douglass thought that The Fugitive Slave Bill was of positive service

to the anti-slavery movement, it showed the truth behind slaves, and showed the horrible

way slavery treated the slave. All these different ideas and event kept Douglass’ and many

other black slaves hopes high for the future, and they thought that no matter what there

would always be a fight for freedom.

Born a slave Frederick Douglass knew the hardships of slavery, and what it could

do to a family. Douglass stated, “that slavery must be abolished in the South, or it will

demoralize and destroy liberty in the North.” Douglass knew that slavery had won many

battles, large and small, but none of those victories have come on current movements that

had occurred. Douglass argued over and over again that if something was not done,

slavery was going to be widespread and unyielding to abolitionists.

In conclusion Frederick Douglass was one of the greatest thinkers of our time and

he helped the anti-slavery movement really take off. His views on the anti-slavery parties

showed me that not every abolitionist was happy with every situation back then . Douglass

split the parties into four divisions, each having their own special purpose which Douglass

pointed out. Douglass’ view on the anti-slavery movement was fairly simple to

comprehend. Douglass thought that no matter what the south may do to spread slavery, he

had faith that the anti-slavery cause would triumph. Finally Douglass concluded that if

slavery was not abolished in the south, then the north and south could not co-exist.

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