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Aids 2 Essay, Research Paper

The Effect of AIDS in America


Boom! The virus hit us all like a giant atomic bomb. Where did it come from? Why is it spreading? Why is it killing us all? These are a few of the many questions that arose during the first few years that the AIDS virus hit America. The AIDS virus has been a deadly disease ever since the first few cases were reported. After the first few reports of the AIDS virus, maximum

precautions were taken, but the virus still spread. That was then, and now we are not preventing it. Since we ve tripled our efforts to contain the virus, our results have not shown any impact in the amount of cases. That leads one to suspect that education of the virus is being emphasized in the wrong way to our society. For the America to conquer this virus, more education needs to be

placed in the hands of African-Americans, children, and homosexuals. Anyone can be infected with the AIDS virus. This disease does not discriminate. People

of all genders, race, ages, and nationalities are at risk (Internet). One of the problems resulting with the disease is that African-Americans, along with others, think that they are immune to this deadly virus. They believe that in America, it is a white gay disease. Although it originated in Africa, since white Americans brought it overseas, they are the only people who can get the

disease. At least that is what African-Americans think. We as the ordinary people of the United States need to take education action. We need to show African-Americans that this is not some sort of Gods punishment on American white people. In our television ads, news articles, or any other way we distribute information about AIDS, we need to include the simple fact that this

deadly virus does not discriminate. I believe that this will help lower the amount of African-American AIDS cases that we have in America. I believe that another problem facing the uninformed part of ordinary American society, is

the fact that our children do not know enough about this deadly disease. Over 25,000 AIDS virus cases were reported involving children last year (Internet). Children can aquire the AIDS virus in two different basic fashions. For one, they can attain the deadly virus through a blood transfusion. Second of all, they can aquire the disease through being born into it. The only thing


we can do for the children who need to have a blood transfusion is continue our blood screening medical advances, and continue the support of the doctors that make these medical advances. For the children who are born with the disease, well, we cannot do anything for these children exept treat them for the AIDS virus. These children were effected with the virus because of the fact

that there parents did not take the proper safe sex precautions. Us ordinary people need to promote the education of parents about safe sex, and promote the education about safer blood transfusions. We need to make extra emphasis on this education because our children our the future of American society. Homosexuals these days seem to laugh in the face of danger. They laugh at oppressors,haters, and the AIDS virus. They believe that America has made so many medical advances, that they no longer need to worry about attaining the virus. They also believe that wearing a condom these days is a challenge to their manhood (Cunningham 703). Homosexuals were the original targets of the AIDS virus, as well as being labeled as the perpetrators of the disease in America. Ordinary society needs to continue the education of homosexuals by emphasizing that it still effects them as much as anyone else, if not more.

The AIDS virus has swept through America like a giant sandstorm. We all know the basic facts about the virus, but all of us seem to be avoiding the statistics. AIDS still effects us as much as it always did, if not more. We as the ordinary society of America, need to push the proper forms of education about the deadly virus. We can no longer just sit around, let it take over our

country, and just be satisfied with knowing the basics. We need to take imediate action.

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