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To The Son Of Lucifer Essay, Research Paper

Alone in a room,

With a man who has killed,

a man who has slaughtered the Innocent.

With callous heart,

And no shame to hide,

He murdered millions in genocide.

Virgin Europe,

Now pillaged and raped,

Was now strewn with bodies,

Very few had escaped.

What were you thinking?

How could you dare

To snatch so many lives,

And not even care?

What was so turbine,

What did you fear to lose,

To slaughter more than


How could you sleep with yourself at night?

Were you blind, or did you suppress the site

Of the mangled bodies, the children?s tears,

The reign of hell you brought about for years?

No one I can think of

has ever been bolder,

or manifested a heart,

as evil or colder.

I did it because

In my imagination

I pictured a pure race

And one solid nation.

A world full of people ,

Shouting Zieg Hiel

Commanding me to god

Made it all seem worthwhile

But didn?t you feel anything at all,

As you struck down human lives,

And heard their pleading call?

For me it was easy

To see them all dead

These Jews are the devil,

They have horns

In their head;

They are the scourge of the Earth,

Like the world?s worst blight.

I?m sure god will only smile

If I wipe them from sight.

Well, you?ve done your deed,

Mr. Hitler,

And in the end,




While we for eternity

bare the shame

of your holocaust.

Here’s a little something I find worth sharing with you guys!

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