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Do Geeks Need To Go To College Essay, Research Paper

?Do Geeks need to go to College??

In the essay ?Do Geeks need to go to college? by Lisa Schmeiser is about the question if people lose the skill of wanting to learn if they skip college. I feel that a lot of high-tech jobs easily relate to a good majority of the general majors provided by universities. People that have gone to college and majored in biology, or some major to that degree, can relate their major to a programming job by how college teaches them the skill of ?learning?. In the essay it was stated that ?object-oriented programming didn?t make much sense when it was explained in terms of classes and constructors. But when I could map the general ideas to familiar ground– the immune system?s different types of cells and the chemical signals they send to each other are similar to classes of code objects and the embedded functional signals they each have– I picked up the programming concept, and expanded on it in ways my computer-engineering co-workers hadn?t pondered yet.?

In this question there was the point that while attending college a person would learn the skill of the want to learn which would enable them to learn better when they joined the field and finally got the hands-on experience. When the person was at college learning a major like biology or music the learning experience they got from that could be transferred to help them learn a specific high-tech job. They could learn a lot faster with the learning experience they got from college than could the person would did not go to college.

For the question do geeks need to go to college? I feel that it is important for a person to go to college. In college a student learns the trait of the want to learn. That trait enables them to learn the information, significantly faster, needed to accomplish their job. In all I feel that a college student could learn the same material much faster than the person who missed college.

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