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The mood illustrated in William Shakespeare?s ?Romeo and Juliet? changed

drastically from the beginning of the play to the end. This is shown throughout

the story through the physical, emotional, and philosophical changes that take

place. When Romeo and Juliet met each other, they were so ecstatically in love

with each other, but their joy was soon crushed. At the beginning of their love

they thought nothing could separate them, but Romeo?s banishment changed that.

The Capulet and Montague families had always believed that hatred towards each

other was an indestructible, acceptable thing, however, that soon changed. Both

the Capulets and Montagues were emotionally scared by the two teenagers love for

one another. The families felt that hatred was right throughout there history.

Emotionally Juliet was tortured from being away from Romeo, Romeo feeling the

same way also. First, Romeo is banished to Mantua, then her parents disown her

when she refuses to marry Paris. Yet no sooner do they draw apart than they find

themselves bound to take notice of the public world and its imperatives, of time

calculated in days and hours, of love reduced to very little. Finally, her

beloved Nurse betrays her, and Friar Lawrence deserts her in the tomb. Without

meaning to, Romeo has left her alone in the world. She must spend her final

moments totally abandoned. As you can see the emotional moods varied throughout

the story of the two star crossed lovers. At the beginning of the play, Juliet

is in harmony with her family. Their wish that she likes Paris is also her wish,

and she has no secrets from them. After she meets Romeo, the two are isolated

from the rest of the world. Even their friends don’t truly understand them any

more, but they have each other, and no one, at this point, is seriously

threatening them. Juliet starts to physically lose her family and friends after

she met Romeo. Nevertheless, we recognize this deeper dramatic sense, which was

to shape the maturer tragedies, already in rebellion. Accidents make good

incidents, but tragedy determined by them has no meaning. Their families are all

hatred and pride and the play contrasts Romeo and Juliet’s love against their

families’hate as illustrated by the feud. In the Prologue, we’re told that her

love is stronger than the hatred of the feud, but it’s a bitter struggle. Hatred

is strong enough to separate the lovers, kill Mercutio, Tybalt, and Paris,

banish Romeo, and finally force Romeo and Juliet to commit suicide. But love is

even stronger, nothing can kill the love between Romeo and Juliet, and this

finally triumphs. After the tragedy the survivors are shocked into dropping

their feud, and Montague and Capulet are united in grief. You can see there was

a lack of communication throughout the families and loved ones. Once again,

nothing made the enemies except the clash of their own wills, and nothing is

needed to make them friends except a change of heart. Romeo and Juliet is in

essence a comedy that turns out tragically. But it is Romeo’s headlong

recklessness that leaves Friar Laurence no time to retrieve the mistake.

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