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Meditation Essay, Research Paper

Central Idea: We shouldn t be blinded of the greatness of God and forget about our faith if great things happen, we should bless him for the great things we are given by giving back to him. We want to make sure that we listen and hear what he is always saying and never get pulled away from him by something else that might seem more important to other or yourself such as; sports, money, girls, boys, etc. This reminds me of the story when two people were killed for saying that they believed in God. By doing so they weren t denying his existence just because it was a time of temptation to disbelieve in him, or just be scared of a force that seems more powerful. In the end God truly conquers over all evil and you will be rewarded for keeping him highly worshiped on earth. I think this also brings in the point that we should not just pray to God when we are in times of need, but should always pray to God for everything that we are given and just be thankful that we are healthy or prosperous. Sometimes when kids go away to college they tend to not go to church as often because the world has opened up to them more and there are more opportunities for them to do things such as party. You need to look past those things and realize that you have the ability to make time for God and give him even that hour out of your Sunday to go to church and pray to him, and just talk to him, while listening to teachings. I will have to bring this into my personal life to, because there are tons of times in which I have decided to do things that are more fun than going to church instead. I make excuses sometimes for not going to church even lie sometimes, which is terrible. I just feel that I would be able to talk more with God at home by myself then in a church were there is someone already talking to you. Sometimes I just don t feel that the actual building is needed to be close to God it is just an aid in getting closer to him.

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