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Collage Eassy Essay, Research Paper

Choose one of your extracurricular or work activities and explain why it has been of value to you.

I have always been an out-doorsy type person. Furthermore, there has always

been one interest of mine that has only grown stronger throughout the years, from as far back as I

can remember. It probably all started with my first Tonka Truck when I was just a little guy. For

some reason, I have always enjoyed, or perhaps been enthralled by, heavy equipment and the

outdoors. I have always loved walking around in the dirt and mud, climbing up into a huge

bulldozer and imagining what it would be like to drive a machine of such magnitude in both size

and brute power. This is why I am so determined to own a land-developing and paving company,

because there is something in that fresh air, mixed with the scent of moist earth and a hint of

diesel fuel, that brings me back to my childhood when I would climb and play on front-end

loaders and bulldozers for hours on end; stomping through the muddy, overturned earth, and

loving every second of it. This lifelong interest, although it may seem strange to some, is the

number one reason why I am choosing to attend a school of construction to enable myself to live

this lifelong dream of waking up early in the morning and driving out to a job site filled with

construction and heavy equipment belonging to my very own corporation.

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