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Blade Runner Essay, Research Paper

The movie that I chose to analyze for this section is Blade Runner. This movie takes

place in Los Angeles in the year 2019. It is based on a futuristic situation where a company has created an advance synthetic human form referred to as replicants. The replicants look identical to regular humans, however they are faster, stronger, and more agile. Their intelligence is equal to if not more superior to humans. The replicants were sent to the off world and used to further space exploration and used as slaves. When a revolt of the replicants took place it was determined that they would no longer be able to return to earth. A police task force called the Blade Runners was established to retire (execute) any replicant that made it back to earth.

The main character of the movie is Deckert. He is unwillingly recruited back into the Blade Runners when a group of six replicant hijacked a shuttle, killed the crew, and returned to earth. He begins the hunt for these escapee replicant, but first meets a replicant who becomes an exception to his beliefs.

The humans at this time have become increasingly able at performing all types of genetic engineering. Every form of life from owls to snakes, to humans are now produced and altered to satisfy the maker’s wants and needs.

As Deckert met with the creator and mastermind of this engineering, he met a replicant who has no knowledge of her synthetic nature. The engineers have implanted memories into her brain to compensate for her short life span and lack of experiences. When Deckert learns that the female replicant believes that she is human, he is surprised. The mastermind indicates that she is beginning to suspect her synthetic nature. The replicant who were not sure of their nature, used belief as a sense of comfort. They used the photographs to validate their pasts.

The humans in the movie seem to have a very aristocentric point of view. They use the replicants and other forms of genetic engineering to further themselves. Although the replicants bleed when shot, have feelings, including the abilities to love, the humans still view them as mere experimental specimens. The replicants are actually equal to if not superior to the humans, yet the humans still see themselves as being superior. When the escapee replicant learn about their actual nature as well as their short life span, they revolt. This is a fundamental response according to Camus.

When confronted regarding his mother, Lloyd (one of the escaped replicants) becomes violent and irrational. Perhaps this is due to the lack of nurturing received as a child. The replicants have a very short life span and are most likely unable to ever obtain autonomity. The escapee replicants were seen wearing costume-type outfits throughout the movie. This was also a form of security. The female replicant referred to as Bliss, even wore extravagant makeup and hair. The replicants often commented that they live their lives in constant fear. These masks symbolize the securities that the replicants hide behind.

After his hunt has ended, and Deckert has realized the fear that the replicatns face, he returns to his apartment. He is relieved to find that the female replicant whom he has fallen in love with is still alive. Given the opportunity, Deckert decides to take the woman and flee. He has now achieved intimacy and he is going to leave in hopes to achieve a better life.

This movie showed many examples of ideas that were reviewed in this section. It showed the aristocentric claims that plague a society. It shows a group of individuals who rely on belief and masks to find securities. And it shows a man in search of autonomity.

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