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Memory Essay, Research Paper

As we all grow up and mature, we come to wonder

how we have come to being the person we are today.

This path of life was not predetermined rather created

by each day of our lives. I treasure my family, friends,

and experiences because they all make me the person

I am.

We build our lives a day at a time. The years keep

going and changes occur in each, but what doesn’t

change are the memories. They will forever be the

path of our lives.”

– Lance MailemThrough the years, I have learned the true meaning of family. It is

far more than having the same blood. It’s also about the

experiences and the bond that develops between us.

The challenges and accomplishments that I faced during my years at Maui

High School have made me a better person. But more importantly, there

were the friendships that I made. These friendships helped shape the

person inside of me. Every experience and person that I met in high school

will always be a part of me forever.

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