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Sins Fact Or Fiction Essay, Research Paper

There are many myths about the origin of sin. There are many untrue myths about sin. Unless something is spoke against in the Bible or comes between you and your relationship with God, it isn’t a sin. Drinking is a popular myth, if you are bold enough to accuse Jesus of sinning then that is between you and him. But a responsible drink for a non-alcoholic is not a sin, being drunk is.

Another popular myth is hypocritism. I believe a person who sins but still goes to church should be praised for trying to better themselves rather than condemned for falling short of the glory of God. It is said that everyone sins, if you believe different you are calling God a liar. But we are saved by the Grace of God. If you accept Jesus into your heart and have faith in him, he will keep his promise. There are hypocrtes though, anyone who speaks against something buyt does something else can be viewed as one. But keep in mind everyone sins.

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