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Davy Crocket Essay, Research Paper


Davy was born in 1786 in Greene County, Tennessee. He went

to school at 13 years old. But he didn’t like school. He ran away to

the woods for 2 1/2 years to avoid being punished for missing days.

Davy Crockett’s father was from Ireland and he married Rebecca

Crockett. They had three boys and two girls. Davy liked hunting and

killing bears. His father taught him how to hunt deer, kill bears and


In 1808 Davy Cockett married Mary Finley. They had two boys

and a girl. His first wife died. Then he married Mary Elizabeth Patton,

Elizabith had two children.

Davy loved hunting. He was the best shot with his rifle “Old

Betsy”. He killed wildcats, deer and bears. A story tells that he that

Davy killed 105 bears in 3 weeks and he made an alligator do what he

wanted him to do.

Davy worked on people’s farms. He was a plowboy on a farm,

he learned how to make hats, he helped with the cattle, and did many

odd jobs. When he wasn’t working he went hunting and roamed the


Davy was the best at telling stories. He got to know a lot of

people liked him. They elected him to the legislature. He was

successful. He had 2 terms.

Davy wanted to go fight with the Creeks. But his wife, Finley

begged him not to go. The Creeks fought only for there homes. Davy

could under stand that. He fought in Alabama and Georgia. Davy and

other men went into Florida to fight the Creeks.

Davy Crockett took his rifle “Old Betsy” and fought for Texas

against Mexico at the Alamo.He fought with James Bowie and William

Travis in San Antonio at a mission. The Mexicans attacked the

mission and Davy Crockett was killed.

Davy Crockett was a famous American. He could hunt fish and

telling stories. He was good with people and tried to help them. We

remember him as a well-loved pioneer.

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