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The Differences Between Aegean And Egyptian Art Essay, Research Paper

The differences between Aegean and Egyptian Art

The primary difference between Egyptian and Aegean art is that statutory and other forms of arts became more descriptive of the human form in the Aegean Art. The paintings of people stood on a flat base rather than in a naturalistic space. More features were being expressed. More female statutory and sculptors were being produced. An example of the visual difference is in the predominance of curvilinear form and the dynamic movements of figure in space. Although in the Toreador Fresco three different human figures are represented, “their poses correspond to a sequence of movement that could be made by a single figure. Such depictions of time and sequencing are more characteristic of Minoan than of Egyptian iconography”(120).

The philosophical difference between Aegean art and Egyptian art is that Aegean focused upon the beauty of the art while Egyptian art was solely based upon keeping records and glorifying the kings, queens, and gods of their time. Aegean art glorified the human and focused on the beauties of the world. The Egyptian’s art was based on the reservation of the way of life and the rulers of the their time. They viewed art more as a record book. Throughout history the Aegean art made sufficient changes to get away from the Egyptian. This rare art and culture was remembered only in myths and legends


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