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School Essay, Research Paper

Recently, a number of violent crimes committed on school property. Owed to the rising amount of insecure and fearful students, schools have become more violent. Most cases have dealt with students that are having problems with their peers at school. In an average school structure it is very hard for students to deal with themselves if they have been rejected from the association of their peers. In which case causes many students to associate with ideas and beliefs that should be left alone. These ideas may easily be found on Internet sites, television, or other students. Another cause to why students have become more violent is that they may feel the need of empowerment, which causes them to go and seek revenge on those who have rejected them. Sometimes the teacher is to step in and acknowledge that the student is being rejected and perhaps question the student that is rejecting another. It may seem hard for some people to see that students look up to other students. And when a child cannot be as good or receive as much respect that the student he or she looks up to, they sometimes move towards weapons and violence to gain their respect. I believe that in most cases the guardian of the child should know if their child is making explosives in their garage. I know that I could not make a weapon strong enough to take out a couple students in my house, because my parents did not leave me out to do as I wish. In most occasions students have made a name for themselves. The Trench Coat Mafia is an example of two students that could not stand their high school and had to rebel. In this case these two boys were against a few social groups at Columbine High School in Colorado. They went after the athletes and an African American that they did not like. Apparently, in order to rid our schools of violence we need to seek out those students who are being rejected and find out what it is exactly that they are thinking.

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