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Mythology And Policy Essay, Research Paper

Mythology and policy has been a part of human culture for as long as there has been civilization . Day provides us with a history of the beginnings of social welfare. She speaks how social policy as well as social welfare has effected individuals, families, and the larger society of today. A comprehensive look at the early beginnings of social welfare was explored. Decisions are made in any society to effect the political economy which in turn ensures the society’s economic sustenance and ultimate survival. Early on, these factors were tied to religion and sharing. Day states that because early man’s formats needs were food and shelter, the sharing of these essentials was power. Labor was divided by childbearing and food gathering tasks. As societies migrated to different parts of the world, organized governments, and states were developed. With the advent of organized governments and states came the beginning of social policy. Social welfare began to be based on both the economic need for workers and the religious need for life after death Most of us assume that centralized planning and coordination of social policy is a modern day invention. Yet. according to Day, centralized planning and coordination specifically, careful provision of food supplies was a fundamental part of the social welfare effort in early society. Other societies also developed, and land size, religious beliefs, and population size were factors that accounted for how social policy was developed and implemented. Furthermore, these factors, along with other variables served as

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