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Susan Faludi Essay, Research Paper

Susan Faludi and Backlash

I AM NOT A BARBIE DOLL. Before you even start reading, these capital letters catch your eye. To add more, she tells us it was held up by a little girl, which plays with our emotions.

Susan Faludi uses very great strategies to grab attention. Facts, strong words, emotion, and outside sources. She adds more drama to her subject. When you read the handout, you can hear the sad background music and see the pictures of suffering women. Faludi keeps interest throughout the introduction. She does not leave any spots that allow our minds to wander and think about other subjects. It is very dense, meaning that it is not just a few sentences filled in with repetition and words to drag out the paragraph.

The introduction has a great set up. Faludi begins with a fact, something we cannot doubt. Then we get a little history, followed by a quote from another book. She adds another fact, one in which emotion is involved. The finish states her argument when she has our undivided attention. With this great structure, you can hear Faludi on the podium arguing her point to hundreds of audience members.

The reading gives facts that cannot be argued with. ?They are half (in fact, now more then half) of the national population…? Faludi lists examples and quotes that get your mind on the subject immediately. She lists things that are real like dates, events, books, and people.

Susan Faludi carefully picks strong words and phrases: Feminist, capacity, fighting, independence, free, define, be forced to choose, public justice, private happiness. ?…a simply worded sign hoisted by a little girl…? If she were to use less colorful words, it would lose interest and sound too informative. Arguments that are stated well with colorful words is what gets people who do not care to start showing some interest. It gets the person who began reading, and would usually end halfway through, to keep going until they reached the end; then think of how the subject affects them.

Susan Faludi uses many strategies and blends them together which makes the argument very effective. They will persuade you to think about her point and see the picture from her view.

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