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Nafta 2 Essay, Research Paper

Many North Americans wonder how goods and products are traded among our countries. They wonder if there is a tax to pay or do the nations just agree not to charge each other. Free trade among North American nations all became possible when the letters NAFTA were established. The letters of NAFTA stand for North American Free Trade Agreement. As a result of this powerful pact , many questions , disagreements , disputes were brought about.The countries of Canada , United States , and Mexico made this large pact possible when the treaty was signed in December of 1992 by George Bush , Brian Mulroney , and Carlos Salinas de Gortari. The treaty stated that tariffs and restrictions would be significantly reduced on a former pact signed in 1989. The benefits of the treaty were that tariffs would be lowered , economies would eventually be benefited , and that the agreement would spread into Central American countries. The doubts were that many jobs would be lost , the environment would be harmed and that odds were overall against NAFTA succeeding. The outcomes of the treaty have some negative and positive sides. The treaty affected more than 365 million consumers in North America. The negative effects are that the environment has been affected and that some jobs of higher wages have been lost and minimum wage paying jobs have become popular. However , the treaty has made some success and has earned its rank of being the second largest free trade treaty today. As a result , North American countries want to expand the treaty into other Latin American Countries.My opinion is even though the treaty has had some negative sides , NAFTA was still a good idea. The treaty has brought the North American countries closer together not because of the small success , but the concern of the economies of the North American countries has made the countries stick together. We have also showed the world the power of communication and team work North America has. Even though NAFTA might have not met all demands set by consumers , it still plays a vital part of out every day lives.

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