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Television Vs. Reality Essay, Research Paper

From watching certain television shows I have learned that different T.V. families have different values. In this essay I will compare the values of the Brady Bunch to Malcom in the Middle, how they have changed, how it reflects our culture, and if the

edia is accurate.

In the Brady Bunch, personal achievment was very important. For example, Marcia’s awards were very important to her because it showed how much she had achieved at school or other events. Jan felt obligated to do something that Marcia had never done

fore because she didn’t want to follow in her foot steps. So when Jan was informed that she had gotten the highest score ever in an essay contest, she felt a whole lot better until she added up the numbers herself and found that her score was wrong. S

eventually told her teacher about the mistake and she felt that making the right choice and not lieing made her feel better about the situation.

In Malcom in the Middle, work was on of the most important values portrayed. Hal and Lois make Francis get a job while he is home for spring break. They feel that if he wants something then he should get a job and earn money so he can buy it himself.

They want him to realize how hard it is to support yourself. So when a 7 year old makes Hal realize that he hates his job, he quits and starts painting again. Now that he is not making any money he depends on Francis.

Values in America have changed throughout the years. In the 1970’s, you wouldn’t think of having a family like Malcom’s family. Most families were more like the Brady Bunch. They didn’t believe in lieing, you talked out your problems, and everyone f

lowed the rules. They weren’t disfunctional. But if you watch Malcom in the Middle, you’ll see that Malcom’s family is more like the average family today. The kids work to support themselves, you are more worried about self-fulfillment, and getting even.

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