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Twelve Angry Men Essay, Research Paper

1. The evidence presented in court was pretty strong. A woman said she saw the boy kill his father from across the train tracks through a window. A man in the apartment below the boys said he heard the boy say ” I am going to kill you, ” and then hear a body hit the ground. After that the man ran to the door and said that he saw the boy running down the stairs. The night of the boy had no witnesses to help him prove that he was at the movies during the killing. The boy also could not remember anything about the movies that he went to. Also the store owner of a pawn shop said that he sold the boy a knife identical to the one that was used to kill his father. The last bit of evidence was a motive for killing his father because of an argument that the two had the night of the murder.

2. Many of the jurors used prejudice when the made their initial vote on the boy as guilty. Juror number ten indicated in a speech that the boy was poor and had no honor and was hereditarily violent. Juror number three who is the last to change his mind could not vote innocent because of something that had happened between him and his own child.

3. All of the jurors voted guilty for different reasons because to them some of the evidence was more important. The all had different personal prejudices, backgrounds, and morals.

4. This movie developed a conscience. In the beginning the jurors were not really thinking about the facts and the consequences of their vote. By the end most of the jurors were applying their common sense and practical reasoning for their specific situation. They looked for the facts, imagined the possibilities, looked for the insight of the other jurors, turned inward towards their own values, and named their decision by voting. The group had all of the qualities of a good conscience struggling with a tough decision.

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