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Civil War Essay, Research Paper

Small battles to big battles, no matter where it was fought, many of our soldiers died, for there side. There were many problems that lead to the Civil War. One issue was the spread of slavery to the west (the territory where they won from the Mexican War). The South claim that the slaves where properties and wanted to take there properties with them. The North didn’t want that to happen. Also they wanted to make new states into slaves states and some into free states. Since they couldn’t compromise there where conflicts between the two sides. The South wanted to break away from the states and make its own country. So then they declared war. The North wanted to fight because they know that if they do win they can reunite with each other. Then if the South do win, they will be the Confederates States, which is there own country. There where many things going on at the same time. Small battles where fought and slaves where free during the process and many soldiers were caught and became prisoners. At the North side, they had slaves joining the army in free will and they where cooks, laborers, and etc. But at the end of the war about 10 percent where fighting. Many poor people say that it was a rich man war and a poor mans fight. Well this was true. Many of the rich people of both north and south paid there way out of it or if they had 20 or more slaves they wouldn’t have to join the army. The South had many volunteers and some had to be sent back home because the lack of weapons. The North had plenty and they had soldiers coming when another soldier is gone. The North general was Grant but there was more general before him. The South had Robert E Lee and he was one of the best general ever. They graduated in West Point and once fought together during the Mexican War. At the end of the war they finally get to meet each other and it was a war that’s going to last. They fought and fought and the North brought everything at the South and the South just defend themselves and in times they fought back and took some soldiers. But yet the North was too much for them. At the last battle the South brought everything against the north and it lasted 3 days. The biggest Southern army every with the best general every lost trying to invade the North. There the South surrendered and the war was over. Else where during the war was destroyed and many lives where taken. The small things that happen for one showed many people that this is harsh and very cruel. One general took his troops and marched a longs way destroying everything they could to show the people that the war was bad. This worked and many people wanted the war to be stop. Many peopled died because of disease, starvation, illness, and shots to the head. This was one of the most bloodiest battle ever fought between the two sides. After all of this ended, the two brother state finally reunite and hopefully it will get better. There were many strategies by the north general and South and i?ll also talk about the two general themselves. Also about the emancipation proclamation.

The two men where very smart. Robert E Lee graduated West Point in the top two of his class. The North offer him to join the union army to fight for the North but he was loyal to his state so he went to Virginia and fought in the South?s army. Graduating 2nd in his class in west point shows that he?s a very intelligent man and that he had many things up his sleeves. He would know when to attack, when to retreat, he knew what the other general was going to do before they did it and basically he had the knowledge that many general never had. Even dough he had a small number of soldiers compared to the North he still took many lives away and that showed that he had the skills of many men put together. Grant was one of the greatest general in the North. He wasn’t like the other general, he kept on coming against Lee?s army and nothing couldn’t stop him, he wound just keep on coming and coming. Grant never gets drunk, the only time he would get drunk is when he?s not with his wife but other then that he was sober. Grant had a strategy and that was where ever Lee went he would go and follow him. During the wilderness battle grand lost 17,000 men and he had more coming. He fought and fought and would give up. He was determine to take the north into victory. The wilderness battle was a useless battle, it took 7,000 men in ten minutes. There was no gain in that battle only lost, this was just a waste of good trained soldiers. After Grants win at the last battle, he was such a kinda general. He could of had anything he wanted but instead he decided that it was a good fight on both sides. Grant took all the south’s weapons, made them sign a paper so that they wouldn’t fight no more, and he also let them free. He gave Lee?s army more then enough food to last them until they get home. If Robert E Lee won he?ll probably do the same.

The Emancipation Proclamation was to influence people to free the slaves. Lincoln can hurt the south war efforts by taking away its worker and let them free or join the Union army. Another thing was that it kept European nation like Britain from being allies with the south. But then he believe he didn’t have the constitutional rights to free all the slaves. He was also scared he might lose support in the north and this includes some army officers. The good part that the Emancipation Proclamation did was that it freed slaves in the south that hasn’t been conquered, it had to do it that way because he?s freeing slaves as a war power of the president. He would go to areas that was at war and he would free slaves from there also. Also this one fellow, he started to go at war as well he brought slaves and fought anyone in there way and gave slaves weapons and fought against the South as a retaliation but they was no match for the South army and hey failed.

The Civil was was a very memorable battle and it brought our nation together. The part that i don’t get was why cant we all just get along. Wouldn’t it be more easier to get alone with each other then losing all those people. That was then and this is now. What ever happen in the past surely brought out nation together and together we will stand strong. Memories and the days gone, we take our time and celebrate for the people who died for our country to make it a one nation that we are proud to be in.

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