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Basic Public Speaking


What can you do with ten tons of glow in the dark gelatin? Our company was approached with this question and has discovered that there are a number of useful products that can be produced from glowing gelatin.

Children of all ages enjoy things that glow in the dark. We, as a group, came up with many uses for glowing gelatin that would most likely appeal to children and teenagers. For the children, we have discovered Body Paint. What could make ?play time? or dressing up for Halloween more fun than being covered in glow in the dark paint? The teenagers have a few more items to choose from, such as glow sticks, paintballs, car decorations, and paint for are projects. Our car decorations and glow sticks can also be used by adults to serve as a guide at night while looking into unlit places such as tool boxes and glove compartments when other sources of light are not available. The last product, our Gel Domes, can be useful to all age groups. They can be used to light driveways, buildings, and serve as night lights for bedrooms and bathrooms. These dome shaped lights can also be used to identify where dark stairways begin and end.

After many years of work, we feel that our company has invented very sufficient uses for our recently developed product. We hope that you will consider our products when placing your new items our on the market this year. We can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Thank you for your time.

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