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Keirsey Character Sorter Essay, Research Paper

Report on Keirsey Character Sorter

By Linda Dietz

Linda Dietz works in the University Advisement Center in the

Resources Careers Department.

She states that we all make our own choices through life. Examples

given are,left and right handedness. This is one thing we choose in

our developing years. One way to test who we are, as far as our

individual personalities is called the Keirsey Character Sorter.This

is a test that can be used to place people together for compatibility.

This test was invented by Myers and Briggs, a mother and daughter

team, invented as a type theory.





If the results of the test gives you a letter “E,” this means you are

an extrovert. You are energized by exterior stimulation, you tend to

be loud, and need to be around people.

If the results give you an “I,” this means you are an introvert.

The opposite of an extrovert. You tend to be quite, you are more

comfortable being alone.

If the results give you an “S,” this means you are considered

to be a sensor. You tend to concentrate on the here and now.

If the results give you an “N,” this means you are intuative.

You tend to act on a weem.

If the results give you a “T,” this means you are the thinker.

Sixty percent of the male population are thinkers.

If the results give you an “F,” this means you are a feeler. As a

feeler you deal more with feelings,you have a sensitive personality.

Sixty percent of females makeup this catergory.

If the results give you a “J,” this means you are judgemental.

If the results give you a “P,” this means you are a planned

person. You live by making lists, you like everything in it’s place,

you are organized.

Twenty-eight percent of the population are introverts. Seventy-

two percent are extroverts. The results were compared to our class

of thirty seven students tested. These are computer science students.

The results were sixty-two percent introverts, thirty-eight percent

extroverts. This gives me the conclusion that introverts, in general,

will be better at computer jobs, because they are in front of a computer.

Whereas, an extrovert needs more interaction with other people.

This test is more correct judging the person by the way they are

in their free time to the way they are in their personal lives. Everyone

fits into one of the sixteen job catergories.

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