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The differences in views of women’s roles in society differ from E.M. Forester’s A Room with a View and Bogdanov’s Red Star, is what I believe to be a response to economic class in each society. I say this because in the society on Mars all persons were working towards a common goal and pull their resources together, which is a more conceivable of an idea that a group peasants would do than the middle class. The middle class women were in all aspects proper and refined, therefore laborious work is not a notion within this realm. In Red Star, the Martians never had to endure a life in which self-reliance was the only means for their needs, and the middle class of A Room with a View never had to depend on anyone besides family for what they needed.

In addition, if one looks at the authors’ backgrounds and exposures, each author’s society deems as lady’s roles in a large difference. In the British society there is no “manual labor” for women to do, it is teaching, nursing, or nothing at all. On the other hand in Russia women are need to fit into the manual roles to get by, and that is why I think Bogdanov was more at ease setting women into an equal on Mars.

Another factor is political ideology; Forester may have been a more liberal man, though he still leaned toward the original teaching of his political affiliation, putting women in their place. Bogdanov was of a Marx-socialist ideology, which stressed the importance of everyone working toward a common goal and each to hold his or her own share of the work.

All in all, I think it was the fundamental difference in each author’s background that caused them to write their women’s roles as what they did.

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