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Pbx Hybrid Networks Essay, Research Paper

PBX and Key/Hybrid Systems

PBX and Key systems are the wave of communication for business everywhere. The key difference between PBX and Key/Hybrid systems are the amount of stations each can handle. Key systems are designed for clients with very small line size requirements and very basic needs. It usually handles between 16 to 48 stations. PBX systems on the other hand handle a lot more stations as well as more features and sophistication. PBX are designed for larger corporations and cost much more than a simple key system communication need. Another key advantage of PBX system is it allows for room for corporation growth over the years than that of a Key System or Hybrid system.

An example of a PBX system and some of its features is the Fujitsu BCS Series 3:1


Series 3

Product Type

Digital PBX

FCC Registration Numbers

(Key) BJ885Z-60084-KF-E;

(Hybrid) BJ8USA-60083-MF-E

(PBX) BJ8USA-75355-PF-E

Date Announced

July 1993

Number of Systems Installed

Approximately 2,375 +

Line Capacity


Port Capacity


Trunk Capacity

4 to 240 (dependent on # of lines configured)

Simultaneous Calls Possible


Traffic Capacity (BHCAs)


Switching Matrix


Main System CPU

Fujitsu proprietary 8-bit or 16-bit CPU H5H5

Component Redundancy

Not available

Amt. of Main System Memory


ISDN Support

PRI only (BRI not available)

T-Carrier Support

Direct T1 interface

Wireless Support

SpectraLink WTS

Voice Messaging Support

Fujitsu TranSend/TranSend Lite unified messaging platform; Fujitsu’s IVS voice messaging platform; or various third-party voice mail solutions. H6H6

ACD Support

Fujitsu Series 3 ACD; ACD Report Manager H7H7

Call Accounting Support

Integrates with Fujitsu’s Call Manager H8H8

PC Attendant Console


The features of the Fujitsu BCS Series 3 is what most would look at a well functioning PBX. The price rang of the phones of each line are between 300 and 500 dollars per line with a basic package of 6500 for the TransSend unified messaging platform.

An example of a functioning Key/Hybrid System is the Lucent Merlin Legend.

A couple features of this key system are:2

Digital key/hybrid/PBX/behind-Centrex system H3H3

Date Announced

August 1991

Date Installed

October 1991

FCC Registration Numbers

Key–AS593M-72914-KF-E; multifunction hybrid–AS593M-72682-MF-E H3H3

Target Market

Small- to medium-sized businesses

General Specifications

Digital Station Capacity


Line Capacity


Simultaneous Calls Possible


Switching Matrix

Time division

Type of Processor

Centralized 68000 microprocessor

Type/Amount of Main Memory (bytes)

896K RAM

Port Capacity


As you can tell the system is can not handle as much as the PBX system but for small business the Merlin Legend is a perfect fit. The price of the key/hybrid system the basic Merlin Legend Release 7.0 module retails for US$1,494. As you can tell that is a steep difference in price between the two.

In conclusion when comparing the key system and PBX you compromise the features and price. With the PBX of the Fujitsu you spend so much more money but you get a lot of different features as well as the ablility to grow and become a bigger corporation with larger features. The Key system just leaves you with the bare requirements for your small business

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