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` Who Am I???

Who am I? Where am I at? What am I doing here?How are you?How did I

wind up here?As I said as I hear this voice from above.Hey you, what did you get

sent here for? What are you talking about as I screamed? Some one had to

send you here this isn’t just automatic for pepole that just want to come. Any way

no one will be here if it was there choice.Ahh Ahh as I was shaking what do you

mean what is this torcher treatment. Young man that I extra do not smart mouth

me again you here me? Yes as I replied very fantlny almost like as I was dying

right there and now.

I staied there for quite a while the master said approximently 20 years or

until I fell like letting you out. Ok, I wastrying to be nice you know like good

behavior maybe he would let me out early.

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