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Martin Luther King Essay, Research Paper

Explain Kings policy of non-violent direct action, using examples from events that you have studied. How successful was it?

Martin Luther Kings policy of non-violent direct action can be explained by looking at some of the incidents that he took place in and things that he did over his years as a speaker for the civil rights movement. The letter from Birmingham jail is an example of his non-violent strategies. King s I have a dream speech is also an example of his policy. The way he inspired people and supported sit ins and freedom rides also are good examples of his non-violent direct action policy. His success using this policy can be seen firstly by his popularity and also by several bills that were passed while he was an active speaker.

While King was in jail in Birmingham he wrote a famous letter Letter from Birmingham Jail on April 16. This letter is a famous statement of the civil rights movement and of Kings non-violent direct action campaign. In this letter he outlines the steps involved in a non-violent campaign. The four steps are collection of the facts to determine whether injustice exists, negotiation, self-purification and direct action.

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