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Chicago is the largest city in the state of Illinois. With nearly 2.7 million residents, it is the most populous city in the Midwestern United States ...полностью>>
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Success is having all that you wanted to have. It's finding that you have achieved your goals or fulfilled your plans and it's waking up in the mornin...полностью>>
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In law the Queen is head of the executive, an integral part of the legislature, head of the judiciary, commander-in-chief of all the armed forces of t...полностью>>
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Capital punishment in Russia is currently under question, albeit legally allowed (with the only form of shooting). There exists both an implicit morat...полностью>>

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What Is Success?

Success is having all that you wanted to have. It's finding that you have achieved your goals or fulfilled your plans and it's waking up in the morning feeling victorious rather than feeling beaten up. Success is walking proudly in the streets with your head up high while being happy and satisfied.

To start or run your business successfully you should take into consideration a lot of factors such as supply and demand, new trends of the times, market sentiments, up-to-date technologies and so and be able to make decisions based on the realization of all of them.

Moreover if you run your own business, besides possession of some evident skills, knowledge and abilities a person should possess some extra inner traits to do it successfully.

A successful person has a number of effective qualities that allows him to accomplish more then the average person. These factors enable to be successful in life.

To reach success you have to pass a lot of difficult steps. That’s why the road to success lies through your willingness. "Can anyone become a successful business person?" The answer is, "Yes! Anyone who really wants to, can become a successful business person."

Successful business people, no matter what their industry, have been found to share similar traits. There are certain qualities that describe successful business people. Here are a few:

0)Good self-esteem is an attribute of successful people. Successful people have good self-confidence and high self-esteem. They believe strongly in the self and their abilities. They know they have what it takes to make their dreams a reality and this is one strategy for success.

1 They constantly set higher goals. Successful business people are mountain climbers who, having climbed one peak, look beyond to the next highest. They are the retailers who send 1,500 mailers to their customers and yield a good turnout of 100. But instead of being satisfied with 100, they ask how they can increase that number to 150 the next time.

2 They avoid "comfort zones" To a successful person, standing still feels like going backwards. People who stay in their comfort zones do what they did before because it's "the way we've always done it:" They run the same ads, buy the same merchandise in the same way and avoid anything new, different or unusual because they feel they might do something wrong. They blame any lack of business on the weather, the time of the year, the economy--anything except for themselves.

3 They are driven by accomplishments (успех), not money

Successful people follow the theory of Apple Computer's founder Steve Jobs, who said, "The journey is the reward." They are customer focused, not product focused. For them, there is no greater high than a line outside the store before the doors open.

4 They solve problems rather than place blame

A telephone pole blocked the view of Ron Bishop's Canadian gallery. He knew it would be difficult, if not impossible, to have the telephone pole moved. His solution was to paint the pole with an Impressionistic theme. Once it was finished, the local paper came, took a picture and wrote a story about it. "It was great publicity," said Bishop. "And then the calls started coming, asking, 'Is it for sale?'"

5 They look at the worst possible scenario

They understand the most harmful result and then decide if they can live with the outcome. If they can, they move ahead. Confidently. They are not afraid to take risks because, to them, the benefits outweigh the potential problems they will encounter along the way.

6 They rehearse the future as they see it

Successful people move towards the pictures they create in their mind. They can rehearse coming actions or events as they "see" them. They are like chess players who can "feel" the next move of their opponent and have half a dozen responses ready when their time comes to move. Many successful athletes visualize a future event which gives them the impetus to achieve the goal.

7) The Successful Person Turns Failures Into Success

A successful person holds the ability to use failure in a way that drives success. Many successful people thrive on failures. In a sense, failure serves as a catalyst to define their strategy for success. Successful people thrive on innovative strategies, often developed from the lessons learned from failures.

But what about skills? If you are a successful leader of the company you have some skills to combine.

A leader has a vision. Leaders see a problem that needs to be fixed or a goal that needs to be achieved. It may be something that no one else sees or simply something that no one else wants to tackle.

Whether the goal is to double the company's annual sales, develop a product that will solve a certain problem, or start a company that can achieve the leader's dream, the leader always has a clear target in mind. This is a big picture sort of thing, not the process improvement.

Leadership Skills

Beyond the personal traits of a leader, there are specific skills someone must master if they want to be a leader.

Effective communication - it's more than just being able to speak and write. A leader's communication must move people to work toward the goal the leader has chosen.

Motivation - a leader has to be able to motivate everyone to contribute. Each of us has different "buttons". A leader knows how to push the right buttons on everyone to make them really want to do their best to achieve the leader's goal.

Planning - the leader has a plan to achieve the goal. He/she doesn't get too bogged down in the details, that's what managers are for, but rather uses a high level plan to keep everyone moving together toward the goal.

He also have to be able to start necessary changes if the times require to adapt. Companies usually have a particular culture that is the result of their history, short or long. If manages and their consultants change them radically, for example, by downsizing them, they may ripping out the very things that make them tick. On the other hand, change nay be really necessary, and companies with cultures and structures that were successful under earlier conditions are very hard to change in a genuine way, even if they go through the motions of adopting the latest management fashion. Unless convinced otherwise by a charismatic leader, there will be always a number of refuselinks: manager and employees who refuse to change because they can’t understand how the things that make the company successful in the past are no longer valuable, and can even be a cause of failure. One reason for developing new products in start-ups is that they can develop a culture and a recipe for success from scratch. The ability to adapt is key. Here, the USA is world leader in adapting old organizations to new technological conditions: Ford and IBM, for example, have had amazing turnarounds from earlier difficulties. But radical innovation is equally important. The US is also good at generating entirely new companies that quickly become world leaders – witness Microsoft and Intel.

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