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A college plague

Laughter, loud music, dancing and drinking are the familiar sights and sounds of a college party, but what about when the room spins and every thing goes black? Recently, college drinking has been under the spotlight of reality.

Goodwin, Donald W. Alcoholism: The Fact. Oxford: U of Oxford P, 1994.This

book deals with all aspects of the world’s number one drug problem. Although it does not specify college students, it does include them in the age brackets. This book is primarily for those who have alcohol problems and for those who share their lives.

Fingarette, Herbert. Heavy Drinking: The Myth of Alcoholism as a Disease. Berkley:

U of California P, 1998.This book was difficult to read, it had too many stories and facts mixed together. Hard to determine which was actually a fact about binge drinking. The stories were more like testimonies from survivors rather than the facts about the disease.

Vogler, Roger E., and Wayne R. Bartz, eds. Teenagers and Alcohol: When saying NO

isn’t enough. Philadelphia: The Charles Press Publisher, 1997.Great detail about where and how drinking starts. The author’s identify the sings of early drinking; and teaches parents the best way to approach their children. This book explains step-by step how to develop a relationship with your child.

Kuhn, Cynthia, Scott Swatzwelder, and Wilkie Wilson, eds. Buzzed. New York: W.W.

Norton & Company, Inc., 1998.What a great resource! Adults are led to believe that college students know the dangers of drinking and are just making poor choices. After reading this book, it is clear that students need detailed, comprehensive factual information. Buzzed provides it all in an easy to read and understand format.

Kishline, Audrey. Moderate Drinking. New York: Three Rivers P, 1996.This too is

another good resource. In this book Audrey writes from a first person’s point of view. She shares her stories from real life experience as well as researched information. Many will benefit from this book’s realistic approach.

Binge Drinking Can Be Deadly. Pamphlet 41954B. South Deerfield: Channing L. Bete

Co., Inc., 1994.This pamphlet came from the school office where many others are offered also for students. The pamphlet has pictures and very easy to understand sentences. Although it does get the point across in an elementary way, it would be a valuable resource for children, grades K through High School.

Uhlman, Marian. “College students drinking and acting up – or not.” The Inquirer 11

Sept. 1998: 1-3. Context consist of many statistics taken in 1994.Even though the statistics were out dated, the survey did find a “glimmer of hope.” The article did raise the attention to the growing divide on college campuses, between those who drink and those who do not. “The two worlds seem to be pulling further apart.”

Holbrook, Leah. “Hey, are you okay?” Lifesyle 14 Oct. 1997:42-49.This article

written by a student at a local college address the facts of binge drinking. She clearly defines binge drinking, and questions the definition. The article stresses the importance of not indulging in alcohol and is written in an interesting way, so that it catches the attention of college students. This is an article I definitely would suggest many reading.

“CSPI’s Alcohol Policies Project: Binge Drinking.” CSPI: Fact Sheet. 16 Nov. 1998.

*http://www.cspinet.org/booze/collfact.htm* (3 Dec. 1998).Booze News on the web, easy to read and fun facts you will remember. This states the impact on other students as well as what the effects are from binge drinking. This is in an outline form with many links, that you can click on and check out.

“Prevention Primer: Binge Drinking.” Prevention Primer. 1 Oct. 1998.

*http://www.naples.navy.mil/caac/primer/binge.htm* (19 Nov. 1998).An article on the web, from a health magazine, states what students should do in such situations with friends that are consuming too much alcohol. In the article are hotline numbers and addresses if you know someone that has a drinking problem. It also lists clearly the signs to look for.

Gevirtz, Leslie. “College Bingeing and Frats.” Boston Reuters 9 Aug. 1997: 4A.Although they did discuss binge drinking throughout the article it was mainly

about fraternities and sororities. Students stress that not all colleges have a problem with “bingeing.” “College students do not want to be stereotyped as binge drinkers.”

Wardlaw, Gordon. Perspectives In Nutrition. 4th ed. Boston: WCB/McGraw-Hill, 1998.This Source was okay; it did not really discuss binge drinking. It covered information about alcohol, and the amount your body can absorb. In this chapter about nutrients, alcohol and how it destroies you organs were the main topic. It showed graphic pictures of the liver. After looking over this I definitely would not like a drink!

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