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From A Teen s Point Of View

If you are like me, you have sat through several graduation ceremonies where the

speakers try to inspire the students by telling them that they are the hope of tomorrow. If

there is one thing I have learned it is that young people are really the hope of today.

Through courage, will, and wisdom, everyone can accomplish any sort of goal in

life.(Waldman 1).

Most adults don t see the quality in teens, but the quantity. And that brings teens

down to believe they are not capable of reaching their goals. Without encouragement on

cannot achieve what they have proposed themselves to. This is common among coaches,

parents, and sometimes even friends. This is the last thing teens need on their mind. With

school/sports, family/friends, love/relationships, teens need all the support they can

possibly receive.

A lot of the problems that teens encounter themselves with usually start at home.

Sometimes parents don t make enough time for them, or in other cases make too much

time for them. It can be pretty discouraging when parents fail to consider their teens point

of view. Sometimes parents feel like they know what s best for them and so they may not

take the time to listen to their opinions. Although parents might be doing this out of

genuine concern for our well being, it doesn t leave much room for our thoughts to be

weighed in.

We say parents and teachers are always the one s putting pressure over us. But

what about our own friends. Peer pressure can be pretty powerful. In fact, on the survey I

did at school, only 12% of teens said their friends do NOT influence them on what they

think and do. On the other hand, 55% said their peers influence them on what they do

somewhat , 28% said their peers influence them a lot , and 5% said their peers influence

them completely . Sometimes we feel obligated to do something when we are with a

group of people, it s really hard to do your own thing. Sometimes the most influential

person can be your boy/girlfriend.

It s true sometimes the hardest person to say NO to, is your loved one. But you

have to let out your own self and show them how strong you can be. When you get too

attached to that person you can pass up great opportunities and afterwards when the

person leaves, regret it. Love can be seen as the most beautiful thing in the world. But is

it? Not when others oppose your relationship, and tell you what to do. Sometimes people

want moralism to stand as fact. This is what they believe in, as opposed to what s effective

or right, or what people really do. You should judge for yourself what s right or wrong

rather then blindly following old moral lessons. You must strive to be your own person,

your own teenager, despite what society s old moves may dictate.

Most of the time teenager s find their own self, accomplish their goals, and strive

for excellence, but what happens to those who don t? they are lost in the world of hate,

crime, prejudice, and loneliness. At least the one s who have made it know that they can

accomplish whatever it is they want. The world has to understand that we are beginners in

the outside world, and we will make mistakes, and we will fix them. But in order for that

to happen they have to let us live, and look at life from a teens point of view.

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