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professional baseball player, one of the finest right-handed pitchers in the history of the game, frequently considered the greatest master of control. From 1911 to 1930 he won 373 or 374 major league games (authorities differ) and lost 208. In his first season he won 28 games. For three consecutive years (1915-17) he won 30 or more games; in 1916, when he achieved 33 victories, 16 were shutouts, a major league record. His career total of 88 or 90 shutouts is second only to Walter Johnson’s 110 or 113. Alexander’s earned run average of 1.22 in 1915 is one of the lowest in baseball history.

Alexander pitched for three National League teams: the Philadelphia Phillies (1911-17, 1930), the Chicago Cubs (1918-26), and the St. Louis Cardinals (1926-29). His most dramatic performance came in the 1926 World Series when in the seventh and deciding game, he came in as a relief pitcher in the seventh inning with the Cardinals leading 3 to 2 and with the bases loaded. With two out, he struck out Tony Lazzeri. He then pitched scoreless eighth and ninth innings.

After service in World War I, he became an alcoholic and spent his last years in reduced circumstances. He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1938.


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