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Aztecs and Incans

Throughout the early American world there existed many different civilizations. Two of the most famous were the Aztec and Inca civilizations. These two civilizations had many similarities and differences. These similarities and differences can be noted most certainly in the political, social, and religious structures. These two civilizations were located in present day mexico, and Peru.

The only similarity that is found in the political issues are that they both had one ruler that was believed to come from the gods. The Aztecs had a council of lord that was like an advisor to the ruler. In the Inca empire the political power was much harsher, and more strict than in the Aztecs. The Inca empire had their land divided up into very exact parts. This was called the Four Quarters of the world. In each quarter there were 10 districts with 10,000 people in it. Each district had 10 villages in it that had 1,000 peasants dwelling there. Then for ever 100 peasants there was 10 forman, so that made 1 official for every 10 peasants. This allowed a more direct approach to the higher people in the society.

The societies of the two civilizations are very similar, they are based on the clan system. To be in the nobility of either civilization you had to be a direct descendant of the founders, or a pure blood Inca or Aztec. Both of these societies were divided up into three parts: Nobility, Commoners, and Slaves.

The Religions of these two civilizations were very different in practice. The Aztec religion was based on the myth of the four suns. They believed that there were four worlds, and that they lived on the second world ruled by Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent. They believed that something was going to happen to destroy them, they just didn t know what it was or when it was going to happen. Their religion was a very polytheistic. They had a god for every element and a god for ever day in the year. They also weighed human sacrifices very strongly. They started sacrifices in the 1300 s and 20,000-50,000 were killed brutally. In the year off 1486 a new temple was built for the sun god, and 70,000 people were killed. The Inca religion wasn t as harsh as the Aztecs; they believed in ancestor worship. Every family had to have a haucas; this was something that they worshiped in their home. Their religion was also polytheistic, and they praticed sacrifices also.

All in all these two ancient American civilizations were very similar. They showed similarities in society and religion. their only main difference was in politics, and human sacrifices. The Aztec empire was from 1100-1519, and the Inca empire was 1100-1500. The Aztec empire ended when Hernan Cortes defeated them in battle. The Inca empire ended when Fransico Pizzaro conquered them. Most of them were wiped out due to the european diseases that were brought over to them that they had no immunity for.

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