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My Heaven On Earth Essay, Research Paper

My Heaven on Earth

I have this special room in my home, I can go to when I want to repose, or lose myself in a deep

slumber. I can watch the sunset complement my bedroom with its gentle light, commending the color

scheme, flowing through. Just occupying a space of mine brings me a special sort of self-satisfaction. I sit

and reminisce about the times my mother and I painted the walls, the new linens, and bedding I have hung

In addition, laid on my bed, or the pictures I have placed in their own particular order reflecting my own

style and habits.

My room is sweet like cotton candy, yet lazy and comfortable. Its color of a pale pink makes me

feel like a little girl again. Along my walls, pictures of mature flowers remind me of how I have

blossomed into a woman. The Stephen King novels that lay beside my bed, such an easy give away of my

late night enjoyments. My love for beauty hides in every picture, every corner, even down to the dainty

frill on my soft, floral comforter. Burgundy, my most adored color hides beneath my feet, dancing across

my floor. Everything right in its place, just where I had left it, telling the story of the perfection I crave.

Each breath I take fills me with the sweet scent of lavender. Along the side, you can feel the smell of fresh

April showers. The doors of frosted glass and the sinks of fine porcelain accent the mauve marble flooring.

The angels surrounding the bath give me the feeling of a pure and innocent, space of my own. I can stare

into the night, through my skylight view. Each mirrored door that give me a sight, where no longer am I

alone. After feeding my hunger for knowledge, I then turn on the delicate voices that sing me softly to


I think my room describes me as a person in many ways, from the way I?ve matured, my favorite

colors, to the innocence of my personality, or shall I say the angels surrounding my bath area. I hope this

has touched your senses as much as it has mine. Though everything here in my room may be material; it

still offers me the effect of being calm and at ease.

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