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Prophet Of Rage – Louis Farrakhan Essay, Research Paper

Prophet of Rage: Louis Farrakhan Prophet of rage? Louis Farrakhan is exactly that. He is the fearless spokesman for black America, who is unafraid to speak for his people. This is Louis Farrakhan. This book is authored by Arthur J. Magida, and speaks the controversial truth about Mr. Farrakhan’s life, and the nation he works for. Louis Farrakhan was born a Christian to a black mother and a white father. His mother unsuccessfully tried to abort her pregnancy. Mr. Farrakhan believes this is a typical story of white abuse of blacks. He believes the whites have tried to take away black virtue, honor, and integrity. Louis Farrakhan wanted fame. He tried to achieve that fame through music. He is an accomplished classical violinist and he also worked as a calypso singer in hopes of competing with Harry Belafonte. In 1955 Mr. Farrakhan’s life took a drastic change. He was recruited by Malcolm X and converted to the Nation of Islam. Not only did his life change with this conversion, but the lives of millions of others have changed as well. The NOI or Black Muslims favor racial separation and black pride.

Louis Farrakhan is a powerful speaker and is admired by many blacks. However, the mention of his name brings fear and anger to many others. Those others are mostly white people and particularly Jews. Farrakhan has been accused of bigotry and anti-Semitism. Did Farrakhan make the right choice of religious life over a career as an entertainer? Certainly he has affected more lives through his decision. The 80,000 men who gathered in Washington, D.C. for the million man march believe he has made the correct decision. No matter what though, Farrakhan will be remembered throughtout history. After reading the book, I found that Louis Farrakhan is not a person that I would like to emulate. A racist, a bigot, and an anti-Semitist, is far from someone I would like to be. As for being a great leader, and entertainer, I think differently. Louis Farrakhan means a lot of different things to many different people. To me, he is a sign of racism, and I don’t believe he should be promoted in any way. Louis Farrakhan is the prophet of rage.

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