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Cover Letter: Proctology Essay, Research Paper

Dear Mr.

I am writing you this letter to ask you to write me a letter of recommendation for a

college. I will be applying to many and would be honored to have a letter from you

recommending me as a acceptable student at any college.

As far as the schooling I am looking into, I am seeking auto mechanic schools that offer

certification for professional auto repair and body restoration. Not only is this a dream for

me but a passion as well. If you would, please mention in the letter my personality as you

know it best, and from knowing my mother and family, also my actions and anything else

you would wish to add.

I would appreciate it if you could take time out of your schedule to do this for me. It will

not only help me in the future, but to better keep me on the trail to success, and be a step

ahead of the competition.


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