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Here it is, February already! Damn! This year is flyin by like a car hit bum! It’s also time for me to be campaigning for president again. So far so good. In New Hampshire, I spent not one cent and Gary Bauer spent 800 thousand bucks only to get 324 votes more than I did!

Once again I’ve added more bikini girls to the page. My favorites are the patriotic gals. Nothin says God Bless America like a t-back up the butt crack! Them gals look finer than a set of 38-15-40 Super Swampers (well close). I hope ya like all the video clips of my shows and other pictures. This month we’re gonna add even more pictures and sound bites, so life is good! This month I hope to see all my friends at Dejevu in Columbia, Missouri, Sidespliiters in Tampa Bay, and rounding out the month at Zanies in Nashville! If your in them areas, get your tickets as soon as ya can, cause they sell out quick and I don’t want to miss anybody.

As you know, the news has been pretty bleak concerning freedom of speech in this so called free country. Ofcourse I’m speakin of John Rocker. Regardless of what he said, this is supposed to be a country of free speech! I love watchin Howard Stern on the TV, but a few weeks ago that long haired Yankee made me madder than a car load of queers gettin pulled over for doing 69 in a 55 when he ridiculed ole Rocker and called him a bigot! If anybody preaches free speech and then makes fun of minorities it’s that sum-bitch! Oh well, if everybody had a microphone in front of us we’d all be as embarrassed as a stripper with skid marked t-backs! But thank the Lord for good Americans that love to laugh at life’s craziness!

My fellow fartknockers, I will keep the commentaries coming and once again thanks for all the support and kind e-mail! Oh, one more thing; Janet Reno, Ted Kennedy, Bud Selig, Jesse Jackson , Al Sharpton, Ted Turner, and that little prick workin the drive thru down at the Wendy’s can KISS MY MUSCULAR IN SHAPE DOLPH LUNDGRIN LOOKIN ASS!! Have a good February and remember, GRITS AND TITS!! GIT-R-DONE!!

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