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Midterm Essay, Research Paper

Parents Influence In Kids Lifes.

Throughout the ages parents have had an impact on their child?s education and learning

ability. It is strange for a child to succeed and accomplish a goal that requires 12- 16

years of school without there parents or guardians standing next to them to support them

with there studies. But will they put a negative or a positive impact on the way they

educate their child.

A parent can have a positive contribution to their children?s success if the child

understands what the parent is trying address. A most successful way for a child to learn

is for the parents to establish an environment which a child feels more comfortable

studying in. A parent should be more involved in their child?s education and should be

more aware on how he/she are doing in school, that will give them an idea on how the

child is performing in their studies therefore a parent can help them in their weaknesses.

Parents should well inform their kids how important a school education really is

therefore their children are better prepared than other students in their school.

On the other hand a child?s dream can go down the drain when a parent does not put

much importance in their education. It is also hard for a child to learn and to concentrate

when a parent is putting to much pressure on them. With parents demand so high

sometimes, children can feel a big effect on the pushing and pulling of their parents for

schooling and it will affect their performance in school. Sometimes kids need to spend

more time with their parents than with others, In my case, I didn?t need as much attention

as other people would of appreciated. In the Amy Tan essay a young Chinese American

girl grew up living with a non-fluent mother and beat all odds and became a journalist. It

doesn?t necessarily mean that if you live in a household which English isn?t the primary

language that you wont succeed and it doesn?t mean that you will succeed either, its all

up to the child if he/she is willing to try.

Examples vary in different ethnicity?s. In my family, I had support in both sides of my

family my mother and father they both have been a big reason of my success today. A

parent can teach a child to a certain point but its up to the child if he/she wants to

comprehend. In different cases sometimes the odds can go better of because then it

makes you try harder and to strive for your goal.

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