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December 7,1787

Delaware’s Dover Air Force Based houses the largest cargo planes in the world.

Delaware was the first state to join the United States of America. British captain Samuel

Argall sought shelter in a bay off the Atlantic Ocean in 1610. Delaware has two major land

regions, the Atlantic Coastal Plains covers most of the state. Delaware has many rivers.

Ships from around the world sail into the Delaware Bay. These beaches and sandy soil of

the Atlantic Coastal Plain. Lots off different animals make their home in Delaware. Like

deer and mink scamper. Wading birds such as herons and ibis nest in the wet lands along

the Delaware Bay.

Some people who are famous and are from Delaware are: Judge Reinhold, Valerie

Bertine II, Estelle Taylor, George Dallas Green Jr., Randy Lee White, Robert

Montgomery Bird, Henry S. Candy, Upton Sinclar. The nick names are: First state, Blue

hen state. State song “Our Delaware”. State flower Peach blossom. State tree American

holly. State Bird Blue hen chicken. State population is 668,186 (1990 census)

Written By:

Jessica Chavira

Hour 3

Rhode Island

May 29,1790

Tiny Rhode Island sometimes affectionately called “Little Rhody” is the smallest

of the fifty states. The Rhode Island is divided into two regions the Coastal Lowlands and

the Eastern New England Upland. People who love the outdoors can enjoy both ocean

and forest in Rhode Island. With 7,003,464 people according to the 1990 census about

one thousand people in Rhode Island are descended from the regions Native Americans.

The state tree is the Red maple. The state mineral Bowenite. State stone Cumberlandite.

State capital Providence. State nick names Ocean State and Little Rhody.

Written by,

Jessica Chavira

Hour 3

New York

July 26,1788

New York is one of the Middle Atlantic States. The tallest peak is 5,344 feet high.

New York covers 49,708 square miles and has thousands of lakes. Half of New York is

wooded. Deer and bears live in New York as well as woodchucks, raccoons, beavers,

rabbits, foxes, and possums. The state bird is the bluebird. The summer tempeture is about

75 degrees F. New York also has the statue of liberty and is a favorite stop for tourist.

Niagara Falls is a great place to end New York trips. It has a 176 foot drop. Horseshoes

Falls is 2,600 feet wide. A lot of famous people have come from New York like: Elizabeth

Ann Seton, was born in New York, John D. Rockefeller, Fiorello Laguardia, Eleanor

Roosevelt, Bella Abzug, Clara Hale, Edward Hopper, ect. New York has about 2,700

bridges more than any other state. Buffalo is a famous town in New York.

Written by,

Jessica Chavira

Hour 3


March 12,1791

Vermont is one of the New England States. Vermont is called the the “Green

Mountain State,” because it is the only state with a lot of green mountains in it. Vermont’s

population in 1950went from 343,641 to 377,747 and is growing by 6,000 people each

year. 270,000 Vermonters have jobs about 80,000 of them do services work. Many of

these people serve tourist. about 11,00 people work on Vermont’s farms. Admitted

March 4,1791.

Written by,

Abraham Pardo

Hour 3


April 28, 1787

Maryland is an important industrial and shipping state. That lies in the northeastern

corner of the southern states. Chesapeake Bay cuts deep into Maryland, gives the state

several good harbors. Historic Baltimore, the state’s largest city is one of greatest ports in

the world. Annapolis, the home the United States Naval Academy, is the capital of

Maryland. Chesapeake Bay divides Maryland into two parts. The part of Maryland east of

the bay is called “The Eastern Shore”. The part west of the bay is called “The Western


Written by,

Damenein Wright

Hour 3


January 9,1788

Connecticut is the thrid smallest state of the United States. Only Delaware and

Rhode Island have smaller areas. In spite of it’s small size Connecticut is an important

industrial state and vacation land. Hartford the capital of Connecticuit is known as the

insurance city. About 50 insurance companies have headquarters in Hartford. Bridge port

and Hartford are Connecticut’s two largest cities. Connecticut is one of the nation’s

leading producers in helicopters, jet aircraft engines, propellers, and submarines. It also

ranks high among the states in processing copper and electric conductors.

Written by,

Damenein Wright

Hour 3


December 12,1787

If you want to travel around Pennsylvania, just hop on a highway. Pennsylvania is

the place where big highways got there start. Back in 1940 travelers began driving on a

section of Pennsylvania’s turnpike a four lane toll road and the nations first highway. The

turnpike crosses the state from east to west. This and other roads linked Pennsylvania with

its neighbors. Pennsylvania borders New York to the north, New Jersey to the east,

Delaware and Maryland.

Written by,

Damenein Wright

Hour 3


March 15,1820

Maine is the largest of the six New England states. Although its the largest of the

New England states, out of the other 49 only six are smaller. Its the only state that

boarders one other state, New Hampshire to the west and Canada to the east, northeast,

and north. Most of the tall mountains in Maine are towards the middle and western parts.

Mount Kalahdi is they highest peak in Maine. It rises 5,267 feet above sea level (that’s

over a mile high). The reason the mountains in Maine look green all year is because they

are covered with Evergreens.

From the northeast to the southeast of Maine lies rich farmland. Maine has good

bays and harbors. Nine-tenths of Maine is covered with woods. That’s more than all the

other states. Maine has more than 2,500 lakes and ponds. The largest lake covers 120

square miles is Moosehead Lake. That’s the largest lake within the New England states.

Maine is cooler than a lot of the other states. The highest the temperature would get is

about 60 degrees F. Winters are much colder than most other states. It drop below -20

degrees F.

In the 1500’s and 1600’s England and France sent explores to Maine. Some people

say that the English came up with the name Maine short for mainland. Some other people

say that the French named the area. In 1607 John Pophen and Ferndinender George sent

colonist to Maine . They began the Pophen colony near the where the Kennedic River

empties into the Atlantic Ocean. However the colony did not survive the winter. By 1640

about 1,000 people lived in Maine. Maine was once called the “Mast Country”, because

the Pine trees produced good ship mast.

In the Mid 1700’s Maine was doing well. But England was in debt. In order to pay

off their loans they had to raise taxes. One of these taxes was on the price of tea. In 1774

patriots in York and Maine “Burned English Tea”. This was known as the “York Tea

Party” After the Revolutionary War Mainers started asking for statehood. But didn’t

receive it till after ” The War of 1812″. In 1820 Maine had more than 300,000 settlers

that was more than enough for statehood. Then on March 15,1820 Maine became the

23rd. state to enter the union.

Written by,

Kelly Humphries

Hour 3

New Hampshire

June 21,1788

New Hampshire is also one of the New England states. It only has an 18 mile strip

of land that boarders the Atlantic Ocean. New Hampshire is Flat for a few miles inland and

most of the rest of the state is covered with hills and mountains. The White Mountains

cover most of the northern half of New Hampshire. The highest peak is 6,288 feet tall.

The Connecticut River is the longest river in New Hampshire. It’s not unusual for

temperatures to drop below, zero degrees F. The record low is -46 degrees below zero F.

The record high is 106 degrees F. The normal highs are in the lower 70’s.

In 1622 Scotsman David Thomas got a grant for some land in New Hampshire, to

start a colony. In 1623 New Hampshire was the third of thirteen colonies. By 1700 in the

New Hampshire Colony there was just 5,000 settlers. Manchester was settled around 1722

and Concord 5 years later in 1727. By 1766 New Hampshire had about 52,000 people.

about 7 years later after the French and Indian Wars that England was engaged in.

England was in debt. To pay off their loans England raised taxes on tea. first the settlers

just protested. But after a while they began to fight back. On December 14th of 1774,

about 400 angry New Hampshire protesters attacked the English Fort Near Portsmouth,

new Hampshire. on April 19,1775 the “Revolutionary War Began” On January 5,1776

New Hampshire adopted it’s own constitution and was “no longer under English rule”.

On June 21,1788 5 years after the “Revolutionary War Ended” New Hampshire’s

leaders approved the constitution and became the “Ninth State to Enter the Union.” In

1808 Concord became the permanent capital of New Hampshire.

Written by,

Kelly Humphries

Hour 3

New Jersey

July 26,1787

All of New Jersey’s boundaries are all defined by water except one. The Hudson

River to the north, the Atlantic to the east, and the Delaware Bay to the south. The only

boundary that isn’t defined by water is the Delaware and Pennsylvania boarder. New

Jersey is cut in to three regions. The two smaller regions are the Northern and Piedmont

Highlands. The Atlantic Coastal Plians covers the rest of New Jersey. The highest piont is

part of the Kittatinny Mountains, that are located in the northern corner of the state. Some

of the mountains are rich with minerals such as iron and zinc. Largest of New Jersey’s 800

lakes is Lake Hopatcong. The average summertime temperature in New Jersey is about 75

degrees F. The average winter temperature is around 31 degrees F. The mountains can get

up to 50 inches of snow each year.

About 1629 the Dutch decided to start a colony in New Jersey. They started a

system where a Dutchman could get a good size piece of land. But, only if he would take

fifty people with him. when they arrived the land owner had control over the land and the

fifty people who came with him. In 1640 the Swedes bulit two forts along the southern

banks of the Delaware River. In 1655 the Dutch took over the Swedish forts. By this time

King Charles II of Britain wanted to take control over New Netherland. About 1664 he

gave this land to his brother the Duke of York, who named part of this land New Jersey.

In the other British colonies they were not always able to practice religion freely.

So when they herd about New Jersey many of them moved to eastern New Jersey and the

Puritans from Connecticut founded the town of Newark. Like many of the other British

colonies New Jerseyans didn’t like the British rule. The British were in debt so they put

high taxes on tea, glass, and paper. in 1774 a group of New Jersey colonist burned a

shipload of tea in protest. After many years of battle the British lost and the American

Colonies won. On December 18,1787 4 years after the war ended New Jersey became the

thrid state.

Written by,

Kelly Humphries

Hour 3

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