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Even though men were typically the leader and foundation of the family before the Great Depression and afterward, Ma Joad was the substitute in this novel. She is the only one that can handle everyone and still have supper on time. Her ability to understand and her unbelievable strength make Ma the correct choice, by no choice, to head this family on the road of life.

Solid foundations can take many beatings and keep standing for many decades. Ma Joad is the easiest person to release secrets to and to admit doubts to. See is often the first one to know when something is wrong or not normal. When Noah or Connie leaves, she realizes how much weight they carried and that since they didn t accept responsibility for their loved ones. She corrects Rose of Sharon s fears about her baby by encouraging her to attend the dance, by scaring off the old woman, and by continuing to say that Connie and Tom will be coming soon. She was the first to be inquisitive about how Tom broke his cheek and nose. She also doesn t allow the deaths of Grampa and Gramma to stop their voyage along Rt. 66, and she was the first to realize both of their deaths.

A foundation has to be strong and sound if the time and the weather are going to take its toll. Ma s strength and determination are visible through her worries and actions when the family has the possibility of splitting apart. When the truck breaks down and Tom wants the family to go ahead and he ll repair it and catch up with them on the road, Ma threatens with brute force to remain together. She also demonstrates strength when she threatens the cop with a frying pan and when she stopped Tom from reaching the metal object when he was stopped escaping from Hooverville. When they are at the government camp, she bares down and strictly tells the men to find work and make a decision if they were going to leave. Her actions also put the family on the move after the flood. Because of her strength and determination the family has survived major obstacles with only minor scratches.

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