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On The Road Essay, Research Paper

On The Road

The novel On The Road is based on one mans true stories about his craziest adventures through the United States and Mexico. This is one of the greatest novels of all time and nothing I have read so far seems so realistic. Jack Kerovac, who is the author of the book, places himself as the narrator. Sal paradise (jack Kervac) and his best companion dean Morioty start of in New York and travels ton California to live life to its fullest. While in California Sal and Dean encounter some people that they knew. The hopes and aspirations of these guys are to find the ultimate type of euphoria. The one thing they do encounter on their road trip is the lack of responsibility that Dean had for life. He had numerous sexual partners that at one time and ended up getting them pregnant because of it. Sal Paradise is a man who likes to do things spontaneous. Just picking up his clothes and taking off is his passion in life. Dean had met o woman by the name of Marylou in Colorado and from that he traveled with her off and on. Dean was a wild and rambunctious guy who lived by his own rules and heard nothing from anyone else. This comical yet very interesting book captures the time period in which crazy people were doing this all over. No need to worry about diseases or if you got a girl pregnant because stuff like hat was virtually non existent. You could get a girl pregnant but you can just run away so you have nothing to do with it, kind of what Dean had done.

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