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Anemia Essay, Research Paper

Anemia is an illness all over the world. Anemia has many types but some kinds of this illness can be cured while some not. Anemia is an illness caused by the lack of hemoglobin or the red blood cells. Anemia can be classified into three main categories: hipokrom anemia, hiperkrom anemia and normokrom anemia.These three kinds of anemia are caused by different kinds of deficient cells .Today the reseaches done on anemia shows that there are new kinds of cures for this illness. In this report anemia,its causes,cures and the last reseaches will be discussed. Anemia is the illness caused by the lack of hemoglobin in the blood or the decrease in the red blood cells. The lack of hemoglobin is called as hipokrom anemia and the other two are called as hiperkrom anemia and normokrom anemia.In hiperkrom anemia the red blood cells decrease and in normokrom anemia both red blood cells-hemoglobin decrease by the same amount. In normal conditions for men the hemoglobin in blood has to be 14- 16gr.% and in woman 12-14gr.%. And the blood has to be 5-5,5 milyon/mm in man ,in woman 4-5,5 milyon/mm.The anemia is caused by lack of folic acid in the body, like the lack of folic acid in pregnancy. It is higher than normal conditions in pregnancy so many anemia cases acure in pregnancy.The lack of vitamin B-12vitamin c, alcahol drinking, long-term hemodialysis , oral controceptives and epilepsy redications are the reasons for anemia. The symptoms of anemia are red, sore tongue, breahting slowly, vomiting, paleness, fatique and weakness. To understand the kind of the anemia type ; men woman hemoglobin in body %14-16gr. 12-14gr. (Hb) blood in the body (kk) 5-5,5milyon/mm 4-5,5milyon/mm Htc %42-66 %39-42 MCV Htc.10/(kk) (75-96 fl ) MCHb Hb/kk.1000000 (27-32 pg) MCHC Hb.100/Htc If MCHC is under 75 so the patient is hipokrom anemia, if MCV is under 75 so the patient is hiperkrom. One of the kinds of anemia is hiperkrom anemia. This kind of anemia acure in the bond’s marrow by the change of the cells. There are two kinds of hiperkrom anemia, one is the increase in megablast in marrow that called Biermet anemia and the other one is makro-non blast anemia which was Result of developing of seeded red blood cells. The DNA of the cell were

destroyed and can not repair themselves. Hiper krom anemia acure because of the lack of vitamin B-12, lack of folic asid, the bad DNA syntehis because of redicines or heredity falseness. The second kind of anemia is hipokrom anemia which is the Fe(iron) lackness anemia. The most of the anemias are Fe lackness anemias. The Fe lackness anemia is mostly causes of the other kind of illnesses, digesting system illnesses, during giving milk (to new born child), oral contraceptives are some illnesses that the Fe lackness anemies caused by. To cure this kind of anemia Fe salt tablets has to be used. But the amonut of the Fe has to be given up to the patient by; mg of the Fe tablet that should be given is; Fe tablets =(15- the Hb of the patient).weight of the patient . 3 The third kind of anemia is normokrom anemia. In this anemia the best solution is blood transfusion to increase hemoglobin (Hb F) production. But the new researches on DNA show that instead of blood transfusion the Hb F level can be rised by the other kinds of things in anemia. There are many sub-branches that shows the illnesses one by one in these main three branches. Like aplastic anemi, this anemia occurs in blood marrow because of filtration of oil and lack of hemotopoetic tissue. So the performance of the person decrease, some effections can be easily cautch on constipation accures. In other hand the sider oblastic anemia has lowe effects n patient, it is curable. The other most seen anemies are hemolitik anemia, sickle called anemia. The preventations can be taking proper efficent vitamins,good diet and stop smoking -alcahol taking which increase the need for vitamin. Today it can be seen that anemia can be cured. The illness does not depend on genetic code DNA. If it does, it is impossible to cure it. But most of the kinds of anemia can be cured. The preventations are clear and easy that anyone can follow. The symptoms are simple but the results are not as easy as symtoms and preventations. Everday man kind develope itself, today man kind will find the cures for all illnesses, especially to the illnesses like AIDS or cancer. The reseaches going on. The last researche on anemia shows that the anemia can be cured without transferring blood which is a great development. Anemia seems A simple illness but millions of people die because of anemia in the world. BIBLIOGRAPHY “Anemia”St.Joseph Medical Center. http://tp:twi.com/healthguide/777_1.htm “Anemia,Folic acid defiency”RxMed. http://www.rxmed.com/illnesses/anemia_folic_acid_deficiency.html Balanli,Murat.Hacettepe I Hastaliklari Ders Notlari,Izmir:Saray Medikal Yayinclik, 1995 Brittenham,Gary M,Gordon D Ginger,Nancy F Olivieri,David C Rees,Swee Lay Thein,John Swaye,D J Weatherall.”Treatment of thalasse mia major with phenylbutyrate and hydraxyurea”.Cooley’s Anemia Foundation.http://www.thalassemia.org/medical/news1197.htm

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