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Filipino Psychology Essay, Research Paper

We have discussed about making a research on the psychology of the Filipinos, and the field I chose is on Personality. Much has been written and many research studies conducted on Filipino personality. But previous literatures have discussed related themes on values, personality traits, behavior, and norms of conduct of the Filipino in the light used by Western methods, using Western language not indigenous to the Filipino culture. Nevertheless, there have been studies conducted that tried to use Filipino terminologies that have typefied ?cultural value traits? as derived from Malay roots, and Chinese, Indian, Spanish, and American influences (Andres,1981). Recent studies by Landa Jocano show that underneath these cultural diversities of the Filipino, basic similarities still exist in institutional behavior and value orientation.

The reason therefore in making this study is to understand the Filipino value system because to understand it is to appreciate Filipino behavior.


This paper seeks to find out what is the attitude of the 4th year Psychology Students of Xavier University as a key to understanding Filipino behavior and personality.


1.To show the structure of Filipino standards of excellence (pamantayan)

2.To identify the concepts of desirable traits.

3.To enumerate the ideals people want to achieve.

4.To evaluate the attitude of 4th year Psychology students of Xavier University in the light of the standards as a value model.


1.Identify the target population ? in yr this case the 4th year psychology students of Xavier University.

2.See them personally before conducting the actual study to explain that they are one of the subjects under study.

3.Write a formal letter and make them commit to answer the questionnaire as honestly as possible.

4.Give them the questionnaire to answer.


Collect the questionnaire sheets from the target population.

This is a survey. Questions are framed in such a way that the informations are fed about the Filipino value system, the structure of the standards of excellence consisting of evaluative core (Halaga); Expressive core (Asal); and Spiritual Core (Diwa).

Statements will be framed from these value systems and at the opposite part of each statement; the subject of research will check the box under ?Agree? or ?Disagree?. The column with the highest score will be counted as well as the column with the lowest score. These are the raw data.


We expect the results to have overwhelming checks on the boxes ?Agree?. Percentage is computed or any kind of statistical tool relevant to the computation will be expressed and shown in charts or graphs. Observation of the results are given and analyzed. Data are interpreted, implication and recommendations are stated, and conclusions are formulated.

HALAGA (evaluative core)

PAMANTAYANASAL (expressive core)


DIWA (spiritual core)

Diagram showing the structure of pamantayan as a value paradigm.

ASAL : The key to understanding Filipino Behavior and Personality

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