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Maximillan Robespierre



Maximillan Robespierre is known for being the most menacing and

mysterious leaders of the French Revolution. His main objective was to have

France as an ideal “Republic of Virtue.” In the process of achieving his goals

many innocent citizens were sent to the guillotine. He also created a

revolutionary dictatorship in France (Carson BC).

Robespierre attended college in Paris. The college was called College de

Louis-le-Grand (Encarta 96). It was here , while studying, Robespierre found

the works of Rousseau. These works led Robespierre to believe society had

degraded and enslaved mankind. These beliefs would reflect Robespierre for the

rest of his life (Carson 27).

After getting his law degree, Robespierre became a deputy of the Third

Estate. He represented the province Arras. During the meeting of the General

Estate, King Louis XVI tried to separate the First and Third Estates from joining

and gaining the advantage. This led to the forming of the Third Estate into a

group called the National Assembly (Scott 49).

The signing of the Tennis Court Oath could be considered the start of the

French Revolution was the start of the French Revolution. Robespierre was one

of the first to sign it (Carson 109). It meant France would soon have a new

constitution, new government, new system, a new everything (Scott 51).

The next group Robespierre joined was the National Convention. In the

National Convention, he was president of the Jacobins. The National Convention

declared France a republic. The group debated the fate of King Louis XVI.

Robespierre argued on the side to have Louis executed, in which he was executed

four days later. The convention also approved a new constition(Carson 109).

While in National Convention, Robespierre came under attack by fellow members. One of Mareselles deputies complained that Robespierre was trying to

create a dictatorship. Robespierre, in return, argued that he believed that France

must stay together as a republic. He told them, if France split, that they would fall

to foreign attacks. Many of the other members took to Robespierre s arguments

and came to like him more as a leader(Carson 98).

After the Festival of the Supreme Being, created by Robespierre, he came

under fire again. A loony faith healer proclaimed Robespierre to be the Messiah.

This struck fear into many lives. Joseph Fouche began to create a group of

people to bring down Robespierre. He preached to others that they would be next

to go to the guillotine by the demand of Robespierre.

On July 26, 1794, he called for a purging of consiprators in the National

Convention. By this time, he saw Fouche to be a major threat to his power. After

arguing he was blameless, the crowd began to shout and “boo” Robespierre

(Carson 98). The next day he was arrested by the National Convention. The day

after being arrested, he died by the guillotine(Scott 232).

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