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Movies by Alfred Hitchcock are always well done, Psycho is known as one of his best.

In all of his movies there are many things that look like just normal everyday items. But they really are placed there to say something. In the movie Psycho, every item is placed, and every scene is perfectly setup to say something about someone. During the scene where Marion and Norman are eating in the parlor, they are both almost placed within their sourroundings. Many of the camera shots in the film are not just to give a good view of all the action. They are done the way they are to make us seem like we are poking around where we shouldn’t be. This movie also had some excellent editing. In the quick shower scene alone there were over 90 cuts.

Many of the actors in Psycho were actors from his weekly television show. He (Hitchcock) did this to save both time and money. The acting in this movie was well done, but my opinion is that some of Marion’s expressions and the appearence that something is wrong were just too aparent.

The movie is mainly about a girl who decides to take a little money, gets killed, and her family and friends try to find out what actually happened to her. That is not the only way the plot goes, though. After the introduction of Norman, we realize that something is wrong inside his head. This develops through the end where we find out what is really wrong with him. This isn’t really a side plot, just a developing issue.

This is an excellent movie from all points of review. In all aspects, Hitchcock does an excellent job of making his actors work and fit in exactally where he wants them to. Everthing falls into place in the end, and we understand who killed Marion and why. But he keeps us (the audience) wondering until the very end.

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