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Verbs And Their Different Kinds Essay, Research Paper

A verb is an action or state of being. Verbs are much more complicated than

this. Within the verb there is verb agreement, irregularity, and agreement. To

be a successful writer a person must master these conceptions.

A verb tense is the classification of a verb into multiple different time

settings. These different time settings, “tenses” as stated previously, are

appropriately named according to their respective times. For example, verbs

that refer to action done in the past are past tense. This method is also used

for actions that take place in the future and present. The exception to this

method is the perfect form: a verb can be classified into past perfect, future

perfect and present perfect. The past perfect tense is used to express actions

that happened before the time period of the regular past tense. The future

perfect tense is used to refer back in time from a point in the future while the

present perfect tense is used for events that started in the past and continue

into the present. These tenses are formed by using an “ed”. The different

tenses can result in much error. A common error that results from the

misunderstanding of verbs is the switching of time periods for no reason.

Many verb errors are found within the amazingly confusing realm of irregular

verbs. Accordingly, if there are irregular verbs there are regular verbs. And

typically irregular verbs are the verbs that most people have trouble with, as

stated above. The past and perfect forms of regular verbs ends in the suffix

“ed”. The past and perfect forms of irregular verbs do not end with “ed”. Take

the verb slide for example. This verb cannot be used with an ending of “ed”;

thus it is an irregular verb.

Verb agreement can be just as confusing as irregular verbs. Verb agreement is

the simple concept of joining singular verbs with singular subjects. Plural

verbs follow the same concept. As in all English composition, it isn’t all that

easy: there are special problems. Take the words each and every. These two

words are singular and use singular verbs although they seem like they might be

plural. This odd expression of subject and verb agreement is where errors

result. Many people will use a plural verb with the words each and every even

though it is incorrect. These two words aren’t the only odd cases; words like

“Physics” that carry an “s” may also seem plural although they are singular.

For example, a writer would not say that he has a few physics in his pocket.

Verbs are more confusing than an honors English teacher is. Unfortunately there

are no tricks to getting around these perplexing words. Verb tenses, regular

and irregular verbs and verb agreement are all very confusing, but in order to

master English you must master these verb concepts.

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