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Great Expectations Essay, Research Paper

Chapters 1-8

Plot and Setting- The plot starts out with a little boy name Phillip Pirrip. It is a first person narrative about a boy back in the nineteenth century. The first eight chapters deal mostly with Pip’s childhood years. It also deals with who Pip is, and his family. In the beginning of the story Pip introduces himself, and introduces his dead parents. He is in the graveyard, and then a scary looking man comes up. The man threatens him. The plot of the story I think is good because it deals a lot with the struggles in a child. He has no one to turn to. The author really helped us relate to the story.

Pip gets in trouble at Christmas time. He gets hit with “The Tickler” which was a sarcastic name for a paddle.

In the middle of the story two officers with Muskets come to the house. They need a blacksmith. Outside they capture two convicts. One of those convicts is Pip’s convict. The other one is the one that Pip’s convict tried to kill. They are both caught.

Later on in the story, and later in his life, Pip meets a young girl named Estella. He secretly has a crush on her. Estella does not care much for Pip. She thinks he is not very gentlemen like. She also thinks that he is coarse and common. Estella and Pip do talk though. She is like a mother to Pip, she kind of disciplines him. Pip is in love with her, but she would have nothing to do with him. She thinks that his is nothing spectacular.

Characters- The first character introduced in the story is a boy name Pip, he is the boy I talked about above. The next two introduced, are his mother and father. They are both dead, and Pip is all alone in life accept for his sister. That is who is introduced next. His sister is married to a man named Joe. Pip lives with these people. The scary convict described above was the next character introduced into the story. Mr. Wopsle is the next character introduced into the story. He was the clerk at the church, and he also goes to the Three Jolly Bargemen with Joe. The whell-wright was Mr. Hubble, and his wife. Joe’s uncle’s name is Mr. Pumblechook, he and Pip are pretty good friends in the beginning sections. They share many experiences together. Miss Havisham and Estella are the next to be introduced. Estella is Miss Havisham’s supposable daughter. Miss Havisham finds Pip on the street, and she calls him in. She has him meet Estella. Pip is secretly in love with Estella. Miss Havisham secretly wants Estella to break Pip’s heart. She is a very obscure lady. Biddy is a character that cares very much for Pip. She understands Pip more than Pip does. Pip doesn’t like Biddy, because she is to common. She is the better girl though.

Personal Response- So far I really enjoy the book. Charles Dickens really pulls me into the book. He uses great figurative language that makes you feel sorry for a character. The people in this book seem so innocent and harmless. Well, except the guy that threatened Pip. They all also seem to live hard lives. They don’t have all the benefits that we have today. They have to scrounge around for stuff we never would have to scrounge around for. What is really neat about it, is that they get an enjoyment out of life. They are not well off either. I can’t wait to read on further into Charles Dickens novel.

Vocabulary- So far in this novel there is no vocabulary that really comes to mind. I though I would use this section to talk about figurative language. Charles Dickens uses a lot of figurative language. He says that when Pip goes up into his room, he is in the dark. Literally that means he does not have a candle, so therefore he is in the dark. Figuratively we can interpret it in many ways. One way is to say that Pip isn’t a very smart kid. He is and ignorant person. When someone says that someone is in the dark, they usually mean that they are na?ve. Later on in the story, Pip meets this girl named Estella. He has a secret crush on her. At the end of the eighth chapter, Estella opens the gate for Pip. Literally she lets him out, but figuratively she could be opening a whole new world for him. This could also be foreshadowing, because maybe later on in the story Estella and Pip get together. There are many things that could be said about this figurative language, and there really is no wrong answer.

Theme- I think that the only theme that could be drawn out of this chapter, is sympathy. Have sympathy for people that are not as fortunate as other people. The story made you feel sorry for poor Pip. The struggles of someone so young and innocent can make someone pretty sympathetic.

Chapters 9-15

Plot and Setting – The next chapter starts out with Pip talking to his sister and Mr. Pumblechook. Pip is asked various questions about what he did at Miss Havisham’s house. One thing led to another, and Pip started to make up stories about Miss Havisham’s house. He said that they played with flags. He had a color, and Estella had a color, and Miss Havisham had a gold one with stars on it. After he said all of these lies, he went to Joe and talked to him privately. He told Joe that they were all lies. Joe was very angry at first, but then later on he started to understand. Pip was surprised that Joe wasn’t that mad at him

A few days later, Pip goes back to Miss Havisham’s. He is greeted at the gate by Estella, and she lets him in. Again she guides him through the dark rooms. This time she took him through rooms where he hasn’t wandered before. They went into a room where there was three ladies and a man talking. Estella told Pip to stand in the corner. After standing there listening to the people he overheard them talking about his father. They talked about how improper he was, although he was a joy to be around. Estella then tried to take Pip out of the room. Miss Havisham stopped him, and asked him if he wanted to play. He said not really, so she asked him if he wanted to work. He took her up on that offer. His job was to walk Miss Havisham around the house. After he did that, he was allowed to wonder. He came face to face with a pale man. The man asked him what he was doing here. Pip tried to hit him. The man stopped him somehow. After talking to the man for awhile, Pip got fed up. He hit the man, and knocked him down. His nose was bleeding, but he got right back up. Pip hit him a second time, this time giving him a black eye. The third time Pip hit him he knocked him out. Pip than hurry up and left.

Pip was worried about the man. He thought that he might have blood on his forehead. Pip still wen back to the Havisham’s though. Nothing very significant happened at her house.

After making trips over a period of a year, Pip goes back again with Joe. Miss Havisham gave Joe money for Pip’s services over the years. The money is to go to Pip’s apprenticeship. Pip starts right away at being at apprentice. He sees another man there named Orlick. He is a rugged guy that is not very nice to anyone. Joe says some rude remarks to Mrs. Joe and Joe beats him up.

At the end of the chapters Pip finds out that his mother was knocked out unconscious. You do not know if she is dead or not.

Characters- There was the guy that questioned Pip, and gave him the two one-pound notes. Pip knew that this guy knew about his convict. The man stirred his coffee with Joe’s file. His dad was also was described more. This was mentioned above. Pip met a man named Orlick. He was an apprentice with Joe, but now he has the knowledge of it. He still works for Joe though.

Personal Response- The story right now is a little stretching to me. It seems like Pip is going over to Miss Havisham’s too much. All he is doing there is talking to Miss Havisham and Estella. I don’t know maybe later on in the story, I might look back and say “that is why he went over there that much.” I am not saying that this is a bad book, but I would like it to have more action or foreshadowing. There is too much reality in this story for me.


Rumination- the act of chewing the cud

Meantersay- mean to say

Outdacious- Some form of slang

Alluding- to mention something incidentally

Luminous- emitting or radiating light

Nevvy- Nephew

Epergne- Some slang word

Remonstrated- to object, protest

Theme- The only thing that comes to mind in this story for a theme is, be honest to those that you love. If you lie it only hurts you in the long run. Pip lied to his sister and that made Joe upset. No other theme really comes to mind as I think about this.

Chapters 16-23

Plot and Setting- As the next chapters start out Pip’s sister is in bed trying to explain to the people what happened. She cannot speak, and her memory is out of whack. Her writing is not good and Joe’s reading is not good, so it was hard to get an answer. Pip had to help interpret. Biddy also helped. In the end they figured out that it was Orlick with the hammer in the kitchen.

The next main point of the story is when Pip goes to the Three Jolly Bargmen. In there he sees the guy that he beat up. The guy tells him and Joe that he wants to see them alone. When they are alone they guy talks introduces himself. He says that his name is Mr. Jaggers and that he is a lawyer. The next find out that Pip has been adopted by a man in London. Mr. Jaggers keeps talking about Pip’s “great expectations.” He also tells Pip that they are going to make him a gentleman. Joe does no refuse the offer, and Pip is now going to live in London, and be a gentleman.

Pip says goodbye to Everyone, and he is on his way. He wishes that he could go back and stay at home one more night, but he cant.

Once arrives in London he has to stay at Barnard’s Inn. This in he says is grungy and looks bad, and it is close together with apartments. He likes the new place in London, and he really likes Herbert.

Characters- in this chapter Biddy has gone from a dirty, homely girl to a more settle cleaner girl. Pip says that Biddy no has “clean hands.” When Pip is at the Three Jolly Bargemen, he sees a man there. His name is Mr. Jaggers, and he is a lawyer. He is a type of person that gets his point across, but always asks for a response from his listeners. Pip’s sister also changes after she had her accident. She is more patient now. She has to be because she has to move slow, and she cant do many things. Pip finds out when he gets to London who really adopted him, and his name is Matthew Pocket. Matt’s son is named Herbert. Herbert is the one that Pip beat up at the Satis House. He is a nice person, and he becomes very good friends with Pip.

Personal Response- Now I am starting to get back into the story, and I am reading in bigger chunks. The story interests me now, because there is more going on. In the last chapters in was all about home life, and Pip growing up. These chapters had more interesting things in it, and actually had some suspense. As I was reading the part about finding out who hit Mrs. Joe with the hammer, I was on the edge of my seat. Charles Dickens knows how to put suspense in a novel that wouldn’t seem like it would have suspense in it. I look forward to reading more about Pip’s “great expectations.”

Vocabulary- There was not any vocabulary that I could pinpoint that I had trouble with. This was probably because Joe didn’t talk as much, and when he did the page talked about it at the end.

Theme- There is a definite theme for these chapters. Don’t think that someone has a horrible life, or do not think that life won’t get any better. In Pip’s case the whole beginning years of his life, he lived with a poor family with cheap clothes. He was thought to be a Blacksmith in following Joe’s footsteps. All that changed once Mr. Jaggers told him about his “great expectations.” Now he was going to be a gentleman, and live with a rich family.

Chapters 24-31

Plot and Setting- These next chapters are very slow, and they do not add to the main story line very much. The only part where it starts to have significance is when Joe comes to London. Pip and Joe talk about their lives. Pip says that he misses home and the people there.

The next part of the story that is important is when Pip goes back to visit Miss Havishman. After staying in an inn, Pip goes to visit Miss Havisham and Estella. As he is going in he sees Orlick by the gate, and he talks to him about how he ended up there. Sarah lets him in the gate, and leads him to Miss Havisham. Pip and Miss Havisham talk, and then he sees Estella for the first time in a long time. Pip say that she has changed so much since the last time he saw her. Miss Havisham asked Pip if he thought she was beautiful. He said yes. Estella and Pip were walking in the garden, and she didn’t remember the first time they met. This broke Pip’s heart yet again.

At the end of the story Pip receives a letter from Estella. The letter says that she will be coming to London. At the very end Pip sees Estella get out of the coach.

Characters- There are now more non-significant characters introduced into the story. Aged P. is Wemmick’s father, and Wemmick himself is a friend of Pip’s and Mr. Jaggers. Estella has changed, because she is more developed. In some ways she has not changed. For instance, she still treats Pip like a boy. Pip on the other hand has matured, he realizes now that Estella plays him often.

Personal Response- The story seems to be taking a pattern now. It seems that the book is good, and then the next section is kind of slow, but leaves you hanging at the end. In the second section it is kind of slow describing Pip’s visits to Miss Havishams, but then at the end he finds his sister lying on the floor next to the fire. This makes the reader want to read on. Then, you read an interesting section that makes you want to read even more. When you get to this chapter you are excited about what is going to happen to Pip, and then it turns out that there are not many things going on. Then, at the end of the chapters it leaves you hanging again by Estella just arriving. This makes me want to read on. Charles Dickens does a good job of keeping a reader interested.

Vocabulary- For some reason there is no vocabulary that really sticks out. I do not why this is. The second section was packed with vocabulary.

Theme- Unlike the last chapters there are many different themes that could be put to this. Pips learns new things about Estella. Some are good and, and Some are bad. Miss Havisham seems sweet for a while, but then sometimes can hurt Pip’s feelings. So I think part of Pip’s “great expectations” is that although something may seem great or very beneficial, It could come back and haunt someone. By doing nice things Miss Havisham is only luring Pip into a trap. She wants Estella to break Pip’s heart. Miss Havisham seems like a considerate person to Pip. Pip must learn not things to get better, but he has to go out and make things better himself. I think that is what Biddy is trying to tell him. Estella on the other hand is holding him back.

Chapters 32-44

Plot and Setting- as the story starts out Estella is talking to Pip now that she has arrived in London. She has a precise order in which they are to do things. The first thing Pip has to do is take her to Richmond. But first, Pip must call a coach. They have tea while waiting for the coach, and on the way down there Pip and Estella have a very good conversation. But, before Pip knows it Estella is at the house where she is staying. She is staying with another lady, and only visit Miss Havisham regularly.

Pip finds out that his sister has died in the next important part of the story. He receives a letter, and is asked to go to the funeral. He goes to the funeral and he sees Joe and Biddy there. Joe doesn’t know what to do with himself now that there is no one to be with. Pip and Biddy talk about what had happened. Biddy tells Pip about how she died. Pip finds out that Biddy will have to leave Joe by himself because she is to go home. However, Pip and Biddy stay there a few more days with Joe.

Miss Skiffins is a person by which Wemmick is accompanied. Wemmick and Pip talk about Herbert and how Pip is anxious on behalf of Herbert. The two continue to talk, and even Aged Parent starts to talk to them. The section mostly talks about Miss Skiffins at I will talk about that in the character section.

Pip takes Estella back to visit Miss Havisham. Pip is very excited, because he likes to spend time with Estella. When they get to the Satis house they find Miss Havisham in her room like Pip had first seen her. Miss Havisham was even more exited to see Estella than she was when Pip had last seen them together. The three talk to eachother, and then Estella and Miss Havisham sit by the fire. Estella pulls away from Miss Havisham, and that causes a huge argument. Miss Havisham feels Estella never really loved her. Pip managed to sneak out of the room so he didn’t have to hear it. Estella and Drummle meet for the very first time. She treats Drummle so much differently than she treats Pip. She even flirts with Bently a little. Pip is worried about this, but Estella assures Pip that Drummle means nothing to her.

On a dark night Pip encounters a man that wants into the Temple. The man knows Pip by name, and Pip lets the man up. The two talk for a while. At first Pip did not realize who the man was, but soon he recognized it to be his convict. The two sit down at a table, and Pip brings up that he is to get land. The convict reveals that he is really Pip’s benefactor, and he has been doing all of this for Pip. Jaggers was helping him pull it off. Pip allows him to stay in Herberts room, because he is not home. He finds out his name is Magwich or Provis. Pip is frightened of his uncle (as Magwich is wanted to be called by Pip) at first. He locks him in the room at night. Provis tells Pip about how him and Jaggers are related, and how they got together. Pip then wants to get Provis out of London. Provis is very generous, he gives Pip his pocket book to spend on anything. Pip tries to get Provis a disguise. Herbert finally gets home, and sees Provis there. He is to swear that he never saw him by kissing the knife. They all sit down by the fire and Pip asks Provis why he beat up the other convict in the ditch. Provis starts to tell a story about a man named Compeyson and Arthur. Compeyson was a fellow that stole money. This made him very rich. He worked with a man name Arthur who was pretty stupid. Magwich got involved with the whole thing. Arthur died after going crazy, because Compeysons’s wife had a shroud. He was always talking about the shroud and how she was trying to put it on him. Anyway, after Arthur is dead, Magwich and Compeyson get caught. They have to go to court. Compeyson says very bad things to the judge about Magwich. So, in the end Compeyson received a seven-year conviction, and Magwich got a fourteen-year conviction. On the boat over, Magwich found Compeyson and started to beat him up. The people on the boat broke it up. Magwich jumped over the side of the boat and ended up in the graveyard where he met Pip.

Pip goes to Estella to talk to her about Provis, but he finds out that she has gone home without him. The next day he makes a trip over to the Satis house where he is greeted by none other than Drummle. Pip goes inside and sees Estella sewing. Miss Havisham and Estella are both quiet, but Miss Havisham is the first to say anything to Pip. Pip gets his heart broken when he finds out that Estella is going to marry Drummle. He says that he wish he had never seen Miss Havisham’s face, because all she has caused him is pain. After leaving, he receives a letter that says “Don’t go Home.” It is in Wemmick’s handwriting, so he decides to make a visit to Wemmick. In the end Pip is over at Wemmick’s house next to Aged P.

Characters- Pip meets a lady named Miss Skiffins. She is a person who is accompanying Wemmick. Pip says that Miss Skiffins has a “wooden appearance.” Pip thinks that Miss Skiffins is an okay person. Provis, Magwich, and Pip’s Uncle are all the same person. He is the convict that was in the graveyard at the beginning of the story. He was more frightening at the beginning of the story than he is now. He is bald and has gray hair. Pip guesses him to be about sixty-years-old. He is a very desperate man. Pip soon finds out, though, that Magwich is his benefactor. Compeyson is the other convict that Magwich almost kills in the ditch. In the beginning Magwich worked for Compeyson, although Magwich was older. Magwich says that he felt Compeyson was better because he was educated. Compeyson ends up making a fool of Magwich and getting Magwich a longer jail term. Sarah is Compeyson’s wife, she has the shroud that Arthur was always talking about. Arthur was the first person to work for Compeyson.

Personal Response- I like this section more than I liked most sections. This had a lot of contrast between sections. You find out more about people that you didn’t know about before. Before I read this section I had no idea what the significance of the two convicts were, now I know. I can see where Charles Dickens might have left his readers hanging. At the end of chapter 40, Charles Dickens ends with “He spread his hand on each knee, and after turning an angry eye on the fire for a few silent moments, looked around at us and said what follows.” I really like how Dickens does that. It makes me want to read on.

Vocabulary- this time I did have some vocabulary words.

Contingent- something that may happen but of which there is no assurance

Staved- to break or break in

Extorted- to obtain by threat or force

Unmindful- not bearing in mind

Assailed- to fall or attack with vehemence

Theme- Things aren’t as they appear to be. Before Pip thinks that his benefactor is Miss Havisham, but now Magwich is telling Pip he is. However, Magwich might not be the benefactor at all. So something that Pip thought was not right. Also, when Pip thought that Estella hated Drummle, it turned out that she was going to marry him. There are so many hurtful things that can be brought out when you are wrong about something. Pip loves Estella, but Pip is hurt because she loves Drummle.

Chapters 45-58

Plot and Setting- Pip decided now that he knew someone was watching him and Provis that he will have to put Provis somewhere where he is safe. They decide to take him to up river, because they think that no boatman will ever seek him there. They all agreed to carry this plan out, and so Pip had to say good-bye to Provis.

Pip is now getting worried that Estella is married, and he is fearful of having it confirmed. He avoided newspapers. Pip decided to go to the theater where Mr. Wopsle was performing. After the performance, Pip and Mr. Wopsle talk. Mr. Wopsle says that he say Compeyson lurking behind Pip as he watched the play. Pip was very frightened of this, because he had hoped that Compeyson was dead.

Mr. Jaggers comes up from behind Pip and takes his are. Jaggers asks him where he is going. Since Pip was only going back home, Jaggers decided to take him out to dinner, and Wemmick was going to be there. While he was there, Pip noticed the maid Molly. Pip could have sworn that Molly resembled Estella. Pip asked Jaggers about Molly. He told him about how she was accused of murdering another person. Jaggers made it look like she wasn’t strong enough to strangle the victim. Molly was let off. Jaggers also gave Pip the note that he was supposed to go see Miss Havisham.

Pip goes to see Miss Havisham. This time she isn’t in her usual room. As Pip talks to her she just kind of keeps her head down like she is ashamed of something. Miss Havisham offers to give Pip money. Pip asks her for 900 pounds, which is what is needed for Herbert to start that business. She gives him a gold plate with her signiture on it to give to Mr. Jaggers. She gets on her knees by Pip’s feet and begs for forgiveness. She asks him to put below her name on the plate, “I forgive her.” Pip also asks Miss Havisham about Estella. He finds out that Jaggers brought her to Miss Havisham to raise because she had always wanted a child. After talking to Miss Havisham for a while, Pip went out of the room. He started down the stairs, and wanted to go back and see Miss Havisham. When he went back, he saw that she was on fire. He quickly threw her to the ground and patted out the flames. He had severe burns on his hands and arm. Miss Havisham was very ill after that.

Pip went back to the temple, and Herbert put bandages on Pip. Herbert brought up that he had talked to Provis. Herbert told Pip that Provis told him about a girl that he was very fond of. After his wife had murdered the woman in the barn she took the child. He lost that girl and could never see her again. Pip had concluded that this little girl was Estella.

Pip goes to cash the check to Mr. Jaggers, because she handles all of Miss Havisham’s money. At first he refuses to give Pip the money, but eventually he does. Jaggers talks to him about if he knew the father of Estella. Pip told him who it was, and Jaggers was astonished.

Pip was getting anxious to start to business for Herbert. They Received a letter that said “Walworth. Burn this as soon as read. Early in the week, or say Wednesday, you might do what you know of, if you felt disposed to try it.” They decided to take Startop along, for he had a skilled hand. Pip received a letter that told him to come to the little sluice house with information regarding his Uncle Provis. Pip decided to do this for he was interested in what this person had to say. He avoided the Blue Boar Inn, and he stayed at a different place for the night.

He went out when it was a dark night. After he saw the limekiln, he knew he was on the right track. When he went up to the little sluice house he knocked on the door. There was no answer. He opened the door and saw a candle that was lit not to long ago. He thought that he better go, but it was storming outside. He decided to stand just inside the door for shelter. A strong hand grabbed him and seized his arms. The man said that he was going to kill Pip, and burn his body in the limekiln. This man was none other than Old Orlick. Pip was very frightened. Orlick told Pip that he was the one that killed his sister. Pip screamed, and he heard shouting. Orlick came out of this struggle and jumped out of the window. Trabb’s boy, Herbert, and Startop had come to save Pip. Pip was very happy that he was saved, and that he wasn’t out that long. When Pip asked how they got there they explained to him how the picked up Trabb’s boy at the Blue Boar inn.

They finally set out for there destination. They were going along and felt that they were being followed. They went to this old house that was dirty. There were only three people there, and they had good food though. As they were there they talked to the “jack.” They felt uncomfortable talking to him because of the way he talked. Pip proposed that Provis and him should take a walk. They found the ship to Hamburg and got aboard. On the ship a man noticed Magwitch and Compeyson. They both fell off of the ship. Pip jumped onto the other ship. Magwitch came out of the water with large cuts on his chest. Compeyson was dead. Magwitch was arrested, and was tried. He received the death sentence. He is now even nicer to Pip than he was before. Pip tried to sign a petition against his sentence. Before his sentence could carry out, he died. Pip no longer had a benefactor, nor a good friend.

Pip left the Temple and went to Joe’s. Joe was very nice to Pip, and Pip even asked Joe not to be so nice. The two continue to talk to eachother about how their lives had been. Pip asked Joe if he knew who his real benefactor was. Joe knew. Pip also asked if Miss Havisham was dead. Joe said that she was. Pip also talks to Biddy. Biddy has not changed much from her original person, but Pip was seeing a new side to her. Pip was going to ask Biddy to marry him. As Pip was going out to ask her to marry him, he saw the two out there. It was their wedding. Pip was very unhappy about this, but they were very pleased to see Pip. Biddy and Joe both talked about how happy they were that Pip came back. Pip made them Promise that Joe would have child. Pip went back to stay with Herbert and Clara. Pip worked his way up in the business for eleven years.

For eleven years Pip had not seen Biddy or Joe. Upon his return, he saw Joe sitting there. He was an old man now. He had a child that resembled Pip a little bit, although he was not related to him. Pip took little Pip out to the graveyard and sat him on the stone of Phillip Pirrip and Also Georgiana Wife of the Above. After dinner Pip asked Biddy if he could have little Pip to raise. She said for him to start a life of his own. He said that for the rest of his life that he was just going to live with Herbert and Clara. This is where the original ending ended.

Pip decided to take a walk, on his way he saw Estella. He noticed her, but she did not notice him. Estella had lost Drummle to a horse accident, and she was said to had been married again. Estella apologized to Pip for all the things that she did. And so, the book ended with these final words. “I was very glad afterwards to have had the interview, for in her face and in her voice, and in her touch, she gave me the assurance that suffering had been stronger that Miss Havisham’s teachings, and had given her a heart to understand what my heart used to be.”

Characters- These last chapters introduced no new main characters, except for the “jack” and the two other people that were not important. These last chapters, however, did tell how the characters ended up affecting Pip’s life. I will talk about who was re-introduced, and how they ended. Wemmick ended up in the story being a nice guy that helped Pip out with problems that he needed legal advice on. Jaggers turned out to be a typical lawyer. He would lie, and also avoid the truth to help him win the case. This example was brought out with Molly, when he made it seem like she was too weak to kill that other woman. Startop ended up helping out Pip in the long run by tracking him down at the house where Orclick was holding him. Trabb’s boy was also there helping track Pip down. Orlick ended up being and evil villian that had tried to kill Pip. He also revealed that he had killed Pip’s sister. Compeyson died in the tide after falling into the water. Provis was captured and arrested. He was given the death penalty for coming back to London. Before his sentence could hold out, he died. Miss Havisham is dead, but she did apologize to Pip for causing him so much pain. She gave him the money to give to Herbert. After the death of her, she left all her assets to Matthew Pocket. Herbert pocket ended up being a successful business person. He lived with his wife Clara and Pip. Joe stilled cared for Pip very much. He named his little boy after Pip, because he resembled him. Biddy ended up marrying Joe, and they lived together for a very long time. She was and still is very good to Pip. Bently Drummle had died in a horse accident. Estella was said to have been married again. Estella was a changed person. She apologized to Pip for the years of pain that she caused him. She feels for Pip now, and realizes that he loved her all of these years. Pip has changed the most out of anyone. The reason he has changed, is because he had so many people to change his life for him. He started out as a poor boy, and worked his way to a gentleman. Pip now realized his greatest expectation of all.

Personal Response- I feel that this is the best section in the entire novel. The characters are brought back into play. Not only that, but it shows how they have affected Pip’s life. Some of them died, and some of them went off the work for a better place. No matter where they are though, Pip will always recognize them as a person that has affected his life. This part of the story really makes me enjoy the book, and it makes me want to read other novels by Charles Dickens.

Vocabulary- (and make up Vocabulary)

Countenance- the face, especially the expression of the face

Eddy-chafed- to move in a circle

Wharf- a structure on the shore of a navigable body of water where ships load

Dwelt- to reside

Alighted- to dismount

Unwonted- The is no definition

Absolve- to free from obligation

Acquitted- to declare free of guilt

Inquiringly- the act of asking a question

Obdurate- not to be moved by argument or appeal

Magistrate-a civil officer invested with certain judicial and executive powers

Imperceptible- beyond perception by the senses or the mind

Adjured- to command an oath

Forbore- to refrain, hold back

Descried- to discover or spy with the eye

Endeavor- to strike or work

Repugnance- extreme distasteful

Coverlet- hide

Penitent- sorrow for sins

Irrevocable- not capable of being recalled or undone

Frugally- thrifty, economical

Theme- A problem might never be solved without a guide is the theme for the next chapters. Sometimes people come across that is very hard to solve. Because either way it could be bad, or you could just not know the outcome. There are always helpers there to guide us along the way if we are having troubles. Pip is having trouble with Orlick, but Herbert and Startop come to save him. It is those helpers which help us get through life.


Cemetery, Beginning of the Story- Pip is just a little boy at this time. It is at a dark time of night. The church is nearby, and he is in graveyard. Pip is looking at the haunting gravestone of his beloved mother and father. Then, a man comes up and grabs him. The moonlight shines on the two, and it is a horrifying experience for Pip.

Satis House- An old lady name Miss Havisham owns this great big house. Just because it is great and big does not mean it is beautiful. The house is dirty. It seems like time has stopped in there. The clocks were on a certain time. In the great room there was the cake that had been there on the wedding day. It had rotted, and mice were crawling in it. The lady that was living in the house was very strange. The house was dark in many places. It was a weird place for Pip to go.

Jagger’s House- Jagger’s house is very dirty and messy. He does have a maid named Molly, but the house is still trashy. The people that live in it are rather strange. Mr. Jaggers is a pretty weird guy himself. Sometimes he enjoys Pip’s company, although he looks at Pip as a mere child. Pip just knows Jaggers as and acquaintance not so much as a friend.

Wemmick’s House- Wemmick is a pretty strange guy. He has two personalities, one is a home and one is a work personality. The one at home is more carefree. He made this house into a castle. He put a moat around it, and he had a drawbridge. He loved his house. Wemmick ended up being a very good guide for Pip, because he helped him make some pretty tough descisions.

Barnard’s Inn- This place is just a dump. It is in a part of the city where the buildings are close together, and Pip does not really enjoy staying here. He always talks about a guy named Barnard, although there was no guy really named Barnard. This place is definitely a place where Pip will not want to go back to.

The Temple- Pip enjoys this place a lot better than Barnard’s Inn. Him and Herbert live there, and they share the room. They each have there own room in there, and Provis stays there for a while. I pictured this place as a kind of apartment building that was not very modern. I can get a good picture in my head of what The Temple looked like.

Joe’s Home- This is where Pip grew up at, so I am guessing this is where his greatest memories are. So much had happened in that house, since the time he was little and even up to when Joe and Biddy were married. That house to me always seemed so out in the middle of nowhere, but still warm and a great family environment. A typical country home.


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