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Иностранный язык->Реферат
Актуальность исследования. Политическая деятельность всегда играла особую роль в жизни общества. От определенной политической позиции или ситуации зав...полностью>>
Иностранный язык->Реферат
Качественная реформа образования и в том числе методики преподавания иностранного языка, была вызвана необходимостью в квалифицированных кадрах, владе...полностью>>
Иностранный язык->Реферат
Ораторское, устное слово люди ценили во все времена. Оно – важное и активное средство воспитания и обучения, распространения философских, эстетических...полностью>>
Иностранный язык->Реферат
Ведущие приветствуют на том языке, который они изучают. На каждом представлении различных праздников, на экране высвечиваются картинки, символы праздн...полностью>>

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  • Slaughter

  • Immunity

  • Task 5.

    Study the given extracts and account for their effect. State the nature and role of the terms and elevated vocabulary where misused.

    • Philip Heatherhead – whom we designate Physiological Philip – as he strolled down the lane in the glory of early June, presented a splendid picture of young manhood. By this we mean that his bony framework was longer than the average and that instead of walking like an ape he stood erect with his scull balanced on his spinal column in a way rarely excelled even in a museum. The young man appeared in the full glory of perfect health: or shall we say, to be more exact, that his temperature was 98, his respiration normal, his skin entirely free from mange, erysipelas and prickly heat…

    At a turn of path Philip suddenly became aware of a young girl advancing to meet him. Her spinal column though shorter than his, was elongated and erect, and Philip saw at once that she was not a chimpanzee. She wore no hat and the thick capillary growth that covered her cranium waved in the sunlight and fell low over her eyesockets. The elasticity of her step revealed not the slightest trace of appendicitis or locomotor ataxia, while all thought of eczema, measles or spotty discoloration was precluded by the smoothness and homogeneity of her skin.

    At the sight of Philip the subcutaneous pigmentation of the girl’s face underwent an intensification. At the same time the beating of the young man’s heart produced in his countenance also a temporary inflammation due to an underoxydization of the tissues of his face.

    They met, and their hands instinctively clasped by an interadjustment of the bones known only in mankind and the higher apes but not seen in the dog…

    Philip drew the girl’s form towards him till he had it close to his own form, and parallel to it, both remaining perpendicular, and then bending the upper vertebrae of his spinal column forwards and sideways he introduced his face into a close proximity with hers. In this attitude, difficult to sustain for a prolonged period, he brought his upper and lower lips together, protruded them forward, and placed them softly against hers in a movement seen also in the orang-outang but never in the hippopotamus.

    (St. Leacock)


    , Devon

    June 7, 1944

    Dear Sergeant X,

    I hope you will forgive me for having taken 38 days to begin our correspondence but, I have been extremely busy as my aunt has undergone streptococcus of the throat and nearly perished and I have been justifiably saddled with one responsi­bility after another. However I have thought of you frequently and of the extremely pleasant afternoon we spent in each other's company on April 30, 1944 between 3:45 and 4:15 P.M. in case it slipped your mind.

    We are all tremendously excited and overawed about D Day and only hope that it will bring about the swift termination of the war and a method of existence that is ridiculous to say the least. Charles and I are both quite concerned about you; we hope you were not among those who made the first initial assault upon the Gotentin Peninsula. Were you? Please reply as speedily as possible. My warmest regards to your wife.

    Sincerely yours, Esme

    P.S. I am taking the liberty of enclosing my wristwatch which you may keep in your possession for the duration of the conflict. I did not observe whether you were wearing one during our brief association, but this one is extremely water-proof and shock-proof as well as having many other virtues among which one can tell at what velocity one is walking if one wishes. I am quite certain that you will use it to greater advantage in these difficult days than I ever can and that you will accept it as a lucky talisman.

    Charles, whom I am teaching to read and write and whom I am finding an extremely intelligent novice, wishes to add a few words. Please write as soon as you have the time and incli­nation.




    (J. D. Salinger)

      • Task 6.

    Often abbreviation (typical of scientific style and that of official documents) produces unusual effects if misplaced. Study the given passage and make up your own characteristic of any person (it can be one of your group-mates, any celebrity etc.) Let the others guess who you mean.

    • And then this Bear, Pooh Bear, Winnie-the-Pooh, F. O. P.(Friend of Piglet’s), R. C.(Rabbit’s Companion), P. D.(Pole Discoverer), E. C. and T. F.(Eeyore’s Comforter and Tailfinder) – in fact, Pooh himself - …

    (A.A. Milne)

    • It was a Special Pencil Case. There were pencils in it marked “B” for Bear , and pencils marked “HB” for Helping Bear, and pencils marked “BB” for Brave Bear.

    (A. A. Milne)

    Task 7.

      • Poetic words.

    1. Find the poem “У лукоморья дуб зеленый…” by Pushkin A.S. and supply each poetic word with its neutral synonym.

    2. match poetic equivalents and the given neutral words, be ready to translate them into good Russian, taking care of stylistic colouring:

    e.g. “Viands – Food – Яства


    By the way























      • Task 8.

    a) Find archaisms and historicisms:

    Романический, нервический, важатай, живот, тарантас, зело, фильма, житница, покойно, нашествие, уста, repast/collation (= rich/light meal), aver (=say), affluent (= rich), whilst (= while), hath (= has), doff (= do off = take off), don (= do on = put on), faible (= foible = weakness), forceful (= forcible), epistle/missive (= letter), anent (= regarding, about), hither (= here), “remittance man”, sundry/divers (= several) (“God, who at sundry times and in divers places”; “by divers portions and in divers manners”/Bible, Hebrews, I, 1/; “Time travels in divers paces with divers persons”/Shakespeare, As You Like It, III/), “all and sundry” = “one and all” survives…

    1. Identify types of archaisms.

    (Phonetic, when a sound or a group of sounds is altered; morphological, when a morpheme is changed; semantic, when the meaning is changed, but the word itself exists; lexical, when the word perished and the notion is substituted by another word; stylistic, when the word changed its stylistic colouring.)

      • Task 9.


    Look through the list of the following neologisms. Try to guess their meaning studying the examples provided. Account for their appearance in the English vocabulary. Single out the possible groups of neologisms and ways of their production


    iTV appearance marks a new era in the development of new TV technologies.


    The advertised cosmeceutical beauty product is rather popular with teenagers.


    Pilates is offered in health clubs and independent studios.


    There are evident risks connected with xenotransplantation.


    The divorced couple has finally established the visitation rules.

    Third age

    Nowadays lots of people reinvent themselves during third age.


    She likes all kinds of vegetables, but she is particularly keen on radicchio.


    The number of screenagers is constantly growing all over the world.

    airport fiction

    There was no serious literature in the shop – just airport fiction.

    to bookmark

    If you want to be on the safe side you’d better bookmark this Internet page.


    This new computer is really multi-tasking.


    I, for one will not be joining the fun, on 1 January 2000 should be firmly installed on my Hawaiian beach, laptopless, surfboard in hand and no e-mail in sight.

      • Task 10.

    Make up two groups of words: foreignisms and barbarisms choosing them from the below given list.

    • Blitz,

    • blitzkrieg,

    • kindergarten,

    • gourmand/gourmet,

    • manoeuvre,

    • personnel,

    • serviette,

    • ersatz,

    • rendez-vous,

    • tête-à-tête,

    • dacha,

    • Gloria

    • , elite,

    • boutique,

    • émigré,

    • RSVP,

    • Pelmeny

    • guru,

    • solo,

    • чилл-аут.

      • Task 11.

    a) Brainstorming. Find equivalents to the following words:

      1. Имидж, импичмент, пиар, фаст-фуд, коктейль, драйв, ремейк, чат, кайф, боулинг, релиз, тостер, фейс-контроль, фракция, миксер, мобильник, вице-спикер, смс….

      2. Водомет, извитие, многоостровие, мокроступы, побудка, сверкалец, тихогром, топталище, шаротык, ячество…

    b) Rewrite the sentences changing them into neutral style:

          • Топ-менеджеры вырвались из офиса на бизнес-ланч в ближайший суши-бар, где обсудили новый бизнес-план и свежий драйвовый блокбастер. (по материалам Internet)

          • -Супер! –прижала руки к груди Валя. – Вот это музон, вот это драйв! Как вставляет! Пройдет двести лет, и про нас скажут: лаки бэстардз, они были современниками великого ди-джея Кавалера Глюка.

    (Б. Акунин)

          • Шеф, - сказала ассистентка, исполнив задание – единственное за весь рабочий день. – Что это у вас глаза такие диззи, будто вы в нирване? Я тоже туда хочу. Пригласили бы офис-леди куда-нибудь оттянуться. Нет, вирклих. Есть суперный ресторан-клуб, «Холестерин». Полный фьюжн, вам понравится. А на афтерпати можно упасть в «Крысолова». Вы же свободный человек – МэМэ ваша в Ленинбурге.

    (Б. Акунин)

    • This is it – Paris! I kept reminding myself. This is what I came to see. This is the famous Place de la Concorde! This is the Champs Elysees! There ahead of me is the Arc de Triomphe!

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