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Иностранный язык->Реферат
In the previous 4 chapters there were described stakeholders that are involved in export of Vikada, and also threats and opportunities that can contri...полностью>>
Иностранный язык->Курсовая работа
В современном обществе возрастает роль интернационального воспитания. И здесь предмет «иностранный язык» в силу своей специфики обладает большими возм...полностью>>
Иностранный язык->Реферат
В любом языке наряду с литературным языком существуют территориальные, региональные, диалектные варианты, разговорно-обиходная лексика, которая включа...полностью>>
Иностранный язык->Реферат
Saint Petersburg is the Northern capital of Russia. Saint-Petersburg is one of the main cultural, historical and architectural centers of Russia. It w...полностью>>

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Сохрани ссылку в одной из сетей:

An sms, an e-mail message, a review, a horoscope, a TV program, a love note, a crib, stock exchange listing, a manual, a booklet, a toast, a tourist guide-book, …

  • Task 4.

Define the style and account for your answer.

  1. Fly with “Aeroflot”!

  2. School № 10 requires a teacher of Russian.

  3. The tiger is a huge mammal predator.

  4. Do not enter! High voltage!

  5. BBC Journal is my favourite news programme.

  6. Water turns into ice at 0 °C.

  7. That thunderstorm was terrific! And I got such a fright!

  8. Все граждане России, достигшие 18 лет, имеют право участвовать в выборах президента.

  9. Выставка, посвященная 300-летию флота, работает ежедневно с 12.00 до 18.00.

  10. Игроками российской сборной по теннису была одержана блестящая победа.

  • Task 5.

Provide the given vocabulary items with synonymous ones from the other styles.

  • the above-given

  • cost

  • application

  • supervise

  • purchase

  • interval

  • expediency

  • come into force

  • manufacture

  • annihilate

  • Task 6.

What official documents can express the message rendered by the standard colloquial phrases?

  • You can use my car.

  • Can I leave work and have a two weeks’ rest?

  • Do you have a vacancy?

  • Please, get my salary for me.

  • I’m sorry, I’m late. I got stuck in a terrible traffic jam downtown.

  • Do you happen to know someone wanting a house in the country?

  • I’ve made up my mind: next week I will buy your garage.

  • I want to sell my PC.

  • I could teach Russian to foreigners.

  • Task 7.

The Russian language employs interstyle synonyms. These are words very close in meaning but diverging in spheres of application. English is no different from Russian in this respect. Fill in the table so as to illustrate the stylistic difference between the words in each pair.


General usage



изолированная (комната)




выйти из строя

поставить (deliver)

on behalf of

term (срок)

at the rate

on condition that

with regard to

to grant

  • Task 8.

Supply a variety of cues appropriate in different communicative situations. Your interlocutor is:

  1. a close friend of yours;

  2. your parent;

  3. an authority of some kind.

  1. You introduce your friend.

  2. You’ve left your watch behind and need to know the exact time.

  3. You want to get to a museum but don’t know the way.

  4. You inquire your interlocutor about his vacation.

  5. You ask your interlocutor to your place.

  6. You reject someone’s invitation to the theater.

  7. You congratulate your interlocutor on his birthday.

  8. You need to say that he\she is wrong.

  • Task 9.

Choose among the supplied variants the ones you find most appropriate for a certain style.

  • The purposes of the procedure of internal quality assurance are analysis of work fulfilled within the framework of the Project, analysis of approved project solutions for compliance with the customer’s requests/requirements/needs/wants/desires and methodological principles of implementation/functioning/execution/running, integrity and completeness of the implemented model, evaluation of the project records/credentials/papers/documentation compliance with the standards of the utilized implementation methodology, evaluation of observance of the approved procedures, introduction/publicity/exposure /spotlight of problems and working out recommendations on their auxiliary/further/more /supplementary solving.

  • CAUTION: In order to avoid a risky/ hazardous/unsafe/harmful situation, this appliance must never be connected to a timer switch.


1. Read the instructions for use carefully and look at the illustrations before using the appliance.

2. Keep these instructions for use for future reference/orientation/suggestion/mentioning.

3. Check if the power/voltage/current indicated on the appliance corresponds to the local mains voltage (110-127V or 220-240V) before you connect the appliance.

4. Never use any accessories/garnishing or parts from other manufacturers or that have not been specifically advised by ABC. Your assurance/agreement/guarantee will become invalid/worthless/unsound if such accessories or parts have been used.

5. Do not use the appliance if the mains cord, the plug or other parts are damaged. If the mains cord of this appliance is scratched/dented/ damaged /spoiled, it must always be replaced by ABC or a service centre authorized/sanctioned/approved /authorized by ABC, in order to avoid hazardous situations.

6. Never let the appliance run unattended/on its own.

7. Switch the appliance off before coming off/ detaching /cracking any accessory.

8. Never immerse/dip/engross the motor unit in water or any other fluid.

  • Task 10.

Find the stylistic mistakes in the given texts; correct them and explain your choice.

October 16, 1990 Dear Sirs:

Contract N°175/91

Further to our talks with Mr.Brown, held 2 days ago, we should be obliged if you would confirm in writing the changes of the wording of Clause N°8 of our Contract viz: «Payment of the total contract value is to be effected against presentation of the following documents:

1. Full set of clean «on board» Bills of Lading covering the goods sent to your country.

2. Invoice in three copies.

3. Specification in three copies.

4. Certificate of quality.

Payment for the goods delivered is to be done in the following way: 25 per cent of the value of the goods to be paid in advance while signing the Contract; the balance of 75 per cent is to be paid by bills in 90 days. Drafts are to be drawn on your firm after the delivering the last parcel of the goods».

We hope that you will not object to the new wording.

Yours faithfully, Soj uzraznoexport Vasiliy Kozlov, Manager


The Cables Birchwood Surrey

January 4, 1991 Dear Mrs Drummond,

Very many thanks for your kind letter. Me and my husband accept your invitation to dinner for next Saturday. We have both a great deal of news to tell you when we meet.

Yours sincerely. Anita O'Day

Dear Miss L.,

I am writing that which I fear I have not the courage, on

so short an acquaintance, to tell you.

The moment you came into my life I loved you.

Before we met I did not believe love at first sight feasible. But you opened my eyes, and caused me to see this wonderful truth in life—the sudden eye-opener of all that is lovely and divine in a human soul.

May I call on you? Meet me, OK?

Be as merciful as you are beautiful, and save from me despair.

Yours ever, John Kaminsky, Head Dentist

Advertisement in Times 24 March. 1989

Dear Sir,

I wish to apply for the post supplied for three years at Senior Lecturer level as described in your advertisement. I am a graduate of the University of Leningrad and have the degree of C.Sc. (i.e. Candidatus Scientarium—that’s the same as Ph.D.).

The offered post seems rather cool to me as it belongs to the field in which I specialize.

I enclose my curriculum vitae in which all details and three recommendations are set out.

Please, do consider my application and send me the necessary forms.

Sincerely, Ally

  • Task 11.

Render the message of the sentence in various ways using different functional styles.

  • Intrinsic motivation works better than extrinsic one.

  • The picture impressed everybody.

  • Language is the main means of communication.

  • Water can turn into ice.

  • Sharks can be dangerous for man.

  • Task 12.

Analyze the given texts taking into consideration the clash of styles.

  • «Через несколько дней молодой медик гулял с девушкой по сильно пересеченной местности на берегу моря. Он изо всех сил старался понравиться. Конечно, говорил грудным и страстным голосом, конечно, нес всякий вздор, даже врал, что он челюскинец и лучший друг Отто Юльевича Шмидта. Он предложил руку, комнату в Москве, сердце, отдельную кухню и паровое отопление. Девушка подумала и согласилась».

(И. Ильф, Е. Петров)

  • «Любая культура постоянно подвергается бомбардировке со стороны падающих на нее, подобно метеоритному дождю, случайных отдельных текстов. Речь идет не о текстах, включенных в определенную связную традицию, оказывающую влияние на ту или иную культуру, а именно об отдельных возмущающих вторжениях. Это могут быть обломки других цивилизаций, случайно выкапываемые из земли, случайно занесенные тексты отдаленных во времени и пространстве культур. Если бы тексты не имели своей памяти и не могли бы создавать вокруг себя определенной семантической ауры, все эти вторжения так и оставались бы музейными раритетами, находящимися вне основного культурного процесса. На самом деле они оказываются важными факторами, провоцирующими динамику культуры. Связано это с тем, что текст, подобно зерну, содержащему в себе программу будущего развития, не является застывшей и неизменно равной самой себе данностью. Внутренняя не-до-конца-определенность его структуры создает под влиянием контактов с новыми контекстами резерв для его динамики».

(Ю. М. Лотман)

    • I held the phone to my ear for a while, listening to the dialing tone change to the snotty-voiced cow saying Please Hang Up, wishing a dozen different impossible and selfish things along the lines of Natasha still being a little girl, living at home under my jurisdiction and not being subject to the whims and fancies of the male students, bartenders, nightclub owners and drug pushers of Leicester, and too far away for me to march over there and bring her safely home by midnight.

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