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Ahsan Zaman

Per.1 Mrs. Posin

I learned a lot from going to my mother?s work. I learned how mainframe computer work through a system of chips called central units. I learned that they print out everything by sorting files and using terminals to occupy the source and then print. I got a tour of my mom?s department the data entry basically my mom has to key in different kind of information and data on to spread sheets and then she transfer the files so they can be printed out. A network and server run all the computers. I also learned the day that it was also take your daughter to work day and everybody was shocked that we came along too. The girls had a whole tour of the place breakfast and lunch. It was ok I didn?t feel left out my mother?s boss took us out to this Korean restraint. The day ran pretty smooth and I think I captured enough information about my mom?s job. I am interested to go into computer science but I don?t know what field of job I?m looking for I don?t think I like programming. I am interested in operating networks and running a system in an office.

Overall I think it was fun that I got to see a real day in my mom?s footsteps. I learned it?s not easy beating the traffic to Tyson?s corner everyday. It looks like my mom has a great time at work she has a great relationship with all her co-workers. And now that everyone company has th

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