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Giotto And The Epiphany Essay, Research Paper

The artist I chose for my work was Giotto and his artwork The Epiphany. Giotto was one of the great artists during the period of Renaissance. The painting of the Giotto The Epiphany is about the birth of Jesus. The material used in this painting is tempera on wood. It is painted on to wooden panel with gold ground. Tempera is an egg-based paint, which help the painting look shinier and long lasting.

There were many things, which I learned about Giotto, which I was unaware during my research. I found out when Giotto was born and when he die where was he born. I found out that Giotto talent was discovered by Cimabue and he was the teacher of Giotto and how Cimabue supposedly saw the 12- year-old boy sketching one of his father’s sheep on a flat rock and was so impressed with his talent that he persuaded the father to let Giotto become his pupil. I learned that Giotto first being freed from the shackle of medieval restraint. Giotto was mainly known for his religious artwork which help me in coming t conclusion that he was dealt largely in the religious subjects, but he also gave these subject an earthly, full-blooded life and forces. I found out that in 1334 the city of Florence honored Giotto with the title of Magnus Magister (Great Master) and appointed him city architect and superintendent of public works. In this capacity he designed the famous campanile (bell tower). During my research I was able to find out about Giotto’s family that he was married and left six children at his death. There was one really interest thing about Giotto was the work of designing Campanile was left unfinished by Giotto this was because he died at the time he was doing this work. He also left his impact of artwork on high renaissance artist like Michelangelo that this artist used Giotto’s idea of painting.

During my research of Giotto and his artwork The Epiphany there were lots of question in my mind of which some were answered and some were not answered and they still trouble me. The question, which was answered, was about his family. What was he special in paintings and for what so many artist and people appreciated him? How discovered him and how did his teacher discovered him. Giotto was famous for his religious art work which helped me in knonwing his speciality in field of art.


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