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Psycology Essay, Research Paper

Sleep and Beyond

This is going to be my essay about sleep. When you are asleep many things take place . It is not just the rest of the day but also the recovery of the body so that it can get the energy it might need for the following day .There are 3 major types of sleep that take place in the average night . You well be surprised to know that many hormons are released during a nights sleep.About 25% of a nights sleep is spent dreaming.During REM sleep there are periods of stillness, After several nights of being deprived of REM sleep ,REM rebound takes place .REM is the first stage of sleep you are often easy to be disrupted during this stage of sleep.During this stage of sleep both genders experience sexual arousal.

During the second stage of sleep . This stage of sleep called called NREM sleep during this stage of sleep your body experiences about 90 minutes of sleep,sence you first fell asleep .Throughout the night a sleeper experiences cycles between NREM sleep and REM sleep the cycles may very from about 70 to 120 minutes .Usually four more 90 minute cycles of REM and NREM sleep accour during the night. Just before and after REM periods the sleeper may switch positions .during the first 90 minute cycles NREM slow wave cycles may accour . As the night progresses the episodes of REM sleep become longer increasing every minute, less time is spent in NREM sleep.

During deep sleep is when some people experiance sleep talking or walking during this stage of sleep some people experience hallucinations , people have been known to act out there dreams , however this is much more likely to happen to animals before people, because humans are most likely to be pyrolyzed in there sleep. This is fortunate because if we acted out our dreams our spouses might be very up set with us.

Some people experience a condition called insominia , wich is the inability to fall asleep this happens during ether stage 3 or 4 of NREM sleep.They may even wake up before its time to wake up many times during the night . People that have sleep disorders like Insomnia have serious disturbances during the night , they might even experience night terrors. Night terrors are disturbances closed by an episode of increased physiological arousal, intense fear and panic or frighting hallucinations. and there is no recall of the episode the next morning. This often occurs during stage 3 and 4 of NREM sleep.

The slowest brain waves that a sleeper might experience are called delta waves. An hour and a half after sleep , rapid eye movement might occur , this is were dreams take place. I truly enjoyed telling you about the different stages of sleep and what might occur during a night.

The things that I have told you about sleep might excite you, or even surprise you.

REM sleep was the most intresting to me. However NREM and the other 4 stages are quite suprising, I hope that you have learned as much as I have about sleep.And now know that you are not alone in the dream world.

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